How To Keep Email Address

  Fastflys 17:00 14 May 2003

I would like to keep my email address when I change ISP. Is this possible? At present my ISP is Virgin and I use Outlook Express to access/send emails.

If not I have heard that there are such things as universal email address's. What are they and how do I get one?

I've had some great advice from you guys before. Anyone out there wanna help ol Fastflys this time?

  Morpheus© 17:44 14 May 2003

you can not use **** if you are with someone else, sign up for a free email account with yahoo, lycos, or one of the countless web servers..

  jazzypop 17:45 14 May 2003

Let's start from the beginning.

When you signed up with (and paid) Virgin, you got a range of services, such as a telephone number that you could dial, which let you access the Web.

You also got the ability to use their email server, which is similar to a postal sorting office. When you send your email, it is forwarded to Virgin's mail server, and distributed from there onwards to the recipient. It also acts as a holding centre, where messages addressed to you sit and wait for you to collect them.

If you stop paying Virgin money (either by a % of the phone call, or a monthly fee), you lose the ability to use their email server, and your email address will no longer be listed by them as a valid one for sending or receiving.

This is broadly true of all ISPs.

There are other companies who do not collect a fee from you for use of their email system - names such as Yahoo, Microsoft (Hotmail) and Bigfoot are just some examples.

If you request an email address from one of these companies, you will have the ability to go to a site using your web browser, and send / receive messages from there. You can also set up your email program (such as Outlook Express) to check their site, and send / receive email pretty much as you do now.

All of the 'free' email accounts have limitations - you may have to have an advertising message attached to each email you send, or there may be a limit placed on the total number of emails that can be stored, or on the size of an attachment that can be sent or received, as a few examples.

Only you can judge whether these are restrictions you can live with or not.

Some people view changing their email address as no more or less inconvenient than changing their phone number when they move house - they realise that they will have to notify their contacts of the change in advance, and accept that a few people will find it difficult to contact them for a while if for some reason they are not notified.

If you are keen to retain your current email address, I suspect that you can do this if you use their 'pay as you go' service. Their web site seems to contain a lot of useful information under the 'customer services' section.

It should be possible for you to at least collect any email addressed to your current email account, as by staying as a Virgin customer, your account will not be 'killed' by them. It may also be possible to send email via your Virgin account, even though you are using another ISP - you will need to get this confirmed by a Virgin account holder, I'm afraid.

click here for a site that lists fre, or 'universal' email accounts, that are not tied to a contract with a specific ISP.

Hope this makes sense - sorry if it is a bit long-winded :)

  Zaxifone 17:58 14 May 2003

What type of account is it?


  Silver Eddie 18:17 14 May 2003

As I think someone else has pointed out, if you get an email address from someone like
Tiscali or Supanet, ANYBODY using any service can get an email address from these people. That way you can move about at will and still have a Tiscali email address .
I could reccommend Tiscali as an ISP, have been using them for over 6 months with no trouble at all , but am aware that some people have had problems.......but not me.
Would NOT recc Supanet, they are slow and you get LOADS of spam.


  Fastflys 21:07 14 May 2003

Thanks for the info you guys.

Zaxifone: I use Virgin's "pay as you go" service.

Jazzypop/Silver Eddie: I am thinking of changing to a 24/7 ISP account, looks interesting or a resticted use ISP for a lower monthly fee. Can you guys recommend any.

Let me get this straight, are you saying that:

[A] I can sign up with another ISP and obtain a new email address from them.

[B] I can sign up with another ISP but can still use Virgin's "pay as you go" service to send/receive emails.

[C] I can sign up with another ISP but can also go to Yahoo, Tiscali, Lycos etc, at anytime and register for their email service and obtain an email address from them. Then no matter what ISP I sign up for in future I just go to Yahoo etc to send/receive emails thus always keeping a Yahoo etc, email address.

Jazzypop: Not sure what you mean when you say, "You can also set up your email program (such as Outlook Express) to check their site, and send/receive email pretty much as you do now".

I didn't set up Outlook Express to receive emails from Virgin so am I right to assume that when I registered with Virgin's "pay as you go" service, Virgin's software configured Outlook Express for me. If so wouldn't other ISP's do the same? If so would I have to re-configure Outlook Express to send/receive email through Yahoo, Tiscali etc.?

From the above, you can tell I'm no computer expert so be gentle with me.

  Zaxifone 21:16 14 May 2003

A. Yup.

B. Yup. But you may need to connect to them perhaps once a month to keep the account 'live'.

C. Yup.


  Fastflys 21:29 14 May 2003

Three "Yups", I'm not doing so bad.

Thanks again.

  jazzypop 21:39 14 May 2003

If you open Outlook Express (OE) and go to Tools > Accounts, you will see one (or more) email accounts listed.

OE, like all email programs, can be set up to handle more than one email account.

So, if you switched to Virgin's pay-as-you go service, your Virgin email will still be a 'live' account, as far as they are concerned.

If you then sign up with (say), you will get an email address from them as well. It may be set up automatically when you join, or you may have to follow their instructions to set it up yourself.

Then, when you connect to, you will be able to receive emails addressed to either the Virgin or fast4 email address, as OE will know where to look to retrieve your messages from either 'post office'.

You may or may not also be able to send emails addressed from your Virgin account, whilst connected to fast4 - it is unlikely, but possible. It depends on how they have both configured their mail servers ('post offices').

  Fastflys 22:07 14 May 2003

Thanks for your detailed responses.

I knew you guys out there wouldn't let me down.

Can't offer much advice, just create problems. Keep a look out for me


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