How to install Win 7 on a Lenovo Y700-17ISK 80Q0

  DeWar666 21:25 01 Feb 2018

Hey. I have a very annoying issue with my new computer. It came with a virus installed, better known as Windows 10, and I just HAVE to remove it, cause it drives me insane..

Thing is.. There's no DVD drive in my computer, so I had to make a bootable USB installer for Win 7. But my harddrive doesn't show up when I try to install. And not even in DISKPART.. It simply doesn't register my drive when I boot with the USB.

I've done everything correctly. EFI mode, legacy support and I've set my harddrive as primary boot in the BIOS, but to no avail. And it's not because my HDD isn't working - The Win 7 installer just refuses to recognize it. I've also tried all 3 USB ports.. I also had some issues regarding USB 3.0 and Win 7, but eventually found a workaround.. Now I just can't find my drive so I can format it and install Win 7.

I've even tried to find the mass storage driver compatible with the C230 chipset of my laptop (and yes, the one for Win 7) and extracting it to a folder on the same USB, and I've tried loading the driver, but nothing helps. It's like it totally refuses to recognize the SSD harddrive.

I'm seriously contemplating selling this POS computer at a loss and then buying an older laptop again just to get Windows 7, cause I simply can't live with Windows 10. And Ubuntu etc. isn't a thing for me either. Only Windows 7 will make me happy.

So, can anyone maybe help?

BTW: Don't have SATA/IDE settings in my BIOS, so I guess that's also off the table.. The BIOS is very minimalistic. Almost nothing to do. Only the legacy/UEFI settings and some other irrelevant settings.

Best regards.

  DeWar666 21:30 01 Feb 2018

Oh.. And it's a Intel i5 chipset, not i7 if that makes a difference. Cause if you google "Lenovo Y700-17ISK 80Q0" it says that it's an i7, but it's only an i5, which I don't really understand.

This is the exact model that I bought: (Danish link, but specs are shown on the page)

click here

  DeWar666 22:00 01 Feb 2018


I now think I've found the problem.. It's because my SSD is "NVMe", but now the problem is that when I download the proper driver for my harddrive, it doesn't let me choose a directory, but just installs it automatically, and I need the driver on the USB, cause it doesn't make sense installing it on Win 10, when it's the Win 7 installer that needs it..

So maybe someone knows where I can find the drivers needed on my Harddrive on Win 10, so I can copypaste them onto the USB and load them in the Win 7 installer?

I'm almost sure that that'll fix it.. Or at least I hope, haha.. Been wrestling with this crap for 6+ hours now..

  rainhard 21:13 16 Feb 2018

You are on the right track. But you need to supply NVMe driver to Windows 7 setup in the form of .inf/.sys/.cat files (not .exe or .zip).

To convert your .exe or .zip driver to .inf/.sys/.cat form, you may install it under temporarily installed Windows 10 and then grab driver files from C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository. Make a list of folders before and after installing that driver, so you will surely know whereever it is.

If there will be any problems sideloading this driver from USB thumbdrive during Windows 7 installation, then you can integrate it to Windows 7 setup using FlashBoot Pro, as explained here:

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  yousfry 08:51 17 Feb 2018

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