computerclueless 01:28 29 Aug 2007

I have,,
virgin broadband > modem > netgear WG614 router > wireless laptop .. all works fine..

However, i want to connect a PC in another room to the internet using a Netgear W111v2 usb adapter that came with the router.. This pc doesn't have any internet at the moment,although it used to.. It is windows xp home..
When i have plugged in the adapter nothing comes on the screen (saying new hardware found or anything like that, although not sure if it should do) and i do not have a CD to follow a setup.
I am at a total loss what to do, im not entirely clued up with PC language, so any response in basic terms would be appreciated..
Please please help with this frustrating problem. Fingers crossed, thanks.

  Head hurts 06:24 29 Aug 2007

i take it the main pc is connected to the internet if so connect the laptop and update the drivers for the wg111 from here click here the wg111 i had was pretty flaky so i did not use it but it came with software to set up and manage the adapter but if the software is not available you can use windows set up wizard to enable and manage it just go to your isp site and make sure you have the details required to set up a connection. i also had to set up my router to 802.11g setting only. try updating driver first as this often can sort out problematic devices,

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