How to install second operating system (Ubuntu)

  bill sykes 21:49 03 Sep 2006

Sorry if this has been asked before...

My regular WinXp Sp2 system is runing on disk C which has just one partition. I have a spare drive (M) that I currently use for backups. Assuming that I can get a copy of Ubuntu, can I install it to this other drive (without impacting my WinXp system of course)and then have the option of booting up from either? Sounds straightforward, but I'd like your opinions first before I risk destroying my perfectly good system just so that I can see what Ubuntu looks like.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:07 03 Sep 2006

Yes, it is easy but just follow instructions carefully.
Ubuntu is good - I've used it a few times and been impressed.

  lisa02 22:59 03 Sep 2006

Why not try the live version if you only want to see what it looks like? click here

  bill sykes 08:53 04 Sep 2006

When I install Ubuntu will I get the option to install to a drive of my choice?
At the end of the installation it presumably makes itself bootable. Does that mean that whenever I boot my pc I will always have to choose which OS to run?
Is this boot information on my C drive?
If so is there a way of avoiding this, that is I want my pc to load winxp by default unless I tell it otherwise.

Sorry for such basic questions. Wish I had a test pc so I could experiment with these things.

  lisa02 09:39 04 Sep 2006

You will get a choice of which OS to load at startup and yes the boot.ini file in your xp partition will be altered.

How about physically taking out the xp hard disk and connecting the other one as master and then switch back when you're done with ubuntu.

  bill sykes 13:42 04 Sep 2006

Thanks to you both for your replies. I have now discovered the Ubuntu forum (maybe I should looked for it earlier) e.g. click here and there appear to be many posts regarding this topic. So hopefully all will be explained there. Thanks again for yur time

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