how to install new version Norton Int. Security?

  Markito 16:28 31 Oct 2010

My online annual subscription is about to expire. I am going to purchase the 2010 version of Norton Internet Security on CD from a major internet supplier because it is much cheaper.
Do I need to uninstall the old (2009) version first? / after installing the new one? / or will the new disk do that for me when I insert it?
Also, do I need to update Norton Utilities or is that all part of the package?

  Terry Brown 16:56 31 Oct 2010

Normally the nw version will install over the old one, keeping any settings you have made, however the program itself will advise on that.

If you want to remove Norton the run the following link (from Norton) to do it yourself.

click here


  birdface 17:19 31 Oct 2010

I would follow what Terry Brown said and run the Norton Removal tool to remove the old version before you install the new version.

  Markito 17:52 31 Oct 2010

Many thanks Terry and Buteman. I was just a little nervous about leaving the computer unprotected during the changeover.

  onthelimit 18:29 31 Oct 2010

There's no need to worry - the risk of infection is small unless you visit dodgy sites! If you want to be paranoid, download the removal tool, disconnect from internet, run removal tool then install the new version from CD.

  onionskin 23:30 31 Oct 2010

You can just open Norton, click on 'renew' at the bottom of the window and enter the product key that comes with the CD. It will then update you to the newer 2011 version.
Norton Utilities may not be part of the 2010 package you have purchased, if you uninstall you will lose it, so first, make sure you have the installation program on your computer or on your 2009 CD so you can reinstall it.

  onionskin 00:12 01 Nov 2010

Also, if you use the removal tool, you'll lose any days remaining on your current subscription - if you use the renew option, the days will be added on to your new subscription.

  kristain 06:29 01 Nov 2010

remove the old one & install new version.

  KremmenUK 06:54 01 Nov 2010

If you have a valid subscription then download and install the latest NIS 2011. Once installed and your subscription days are zero then do as above and simply insert the Software Key from the new version.

You can renew a NIS 2011 installation from the last few versions so a valid NIS 2010 Key will work OK.

I would seriously advise against anyone renewing online without caution as they tend to treat this as an annual automatic debit that is tedious to cancel.

I always buy an outgoing NIS version (as it's cheaper) and use that Key to renew.

  Markito 10:25 01 Nov 2010

Many thanks all of you. I now feel more confident on this subject.

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