how to install a micro SD card in the Hudl tablet

  geoffbrown 14:32 22 Nov 2013

Not having much luck installing a 32GB micro Integral class 4 micro SD card in my Hudl tablet. when I hold the card fully in with my finger it tells me its preparing SD card--as soon as i remove my finger even after several minutes it tells me card has been removed unexpectedly.....but the card is still in place... What I am doing wrong? Be glad of some assistance before my storage space expires.. Thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:41 22 Nov 2013

Power off

Should push in and stay in,the card makes a faint clicking sound when it’s fully inserted.

Power on card should be recognised and installed.

to remove

power off

then you depress it once again (it pops out part-way) to remove it.

  geoffbrown 16:16 23 Nov 2013

Hello again...the card will not fully insert or click into the slot with or without the power on or off. I have tried 2 seperate micro cards. Is it a fault of the Hudl?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:45 23 Nov 2013

If the card will not stay in then the Hudl is faulty.

Take it back to Tesco and get another

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