How to install Half-Life 2

  iqs 15:12 10 May 2008

I have just bought and installed Half-Life 2.

When the game has finished installing ,I click on the HL2 desktop icon,and a program which was installed with HL2 called steam appears, and directs me to their web page.

I have not been able to play the game as yet.

I have just un-installed the game.
Any help please.Cheers

  brundle 15:16 10 May 2008

I hope you didn't select Delete Local Content or you'll have to download the whole lot again. I usually open Steam first (ensure you're signed in to your Steam account) then go to My Games, double click the one you want.

  Ditch999 15:20 10 May 2008

You need to sign up with Steam and create an account to be able to play HL2 (and a few other games) and as brundle said dont delete it! It only means a lot of downloads if you want to play it again. This is an annoying security feature but just keep going.

  RobCharles1981 15:30 10 May 2008

As I have steam myself, you need to create a steam account as brundle and Ditch are saying, but when you install it you will have to leave steam find any updates for the game. Once all that is done your ready to go.

Happy Gaming!

  iqs 20:10 10 May 2008

all and many thanks for the help.I wish I waited until I posted this thread before I un-installed everything :-(
I will give it another go tomorrow,I will let you know how I get on.Once again thanks,IQS

  iqs 16:10 11 May 2008

Hello,I have tried to play HL2,but when I click on my games,select HL2,a box appears asking for the reg code.
When its typed in ,I'm informed that the code that was entered has already been activated,by an existing steam account,and is invalided.

Any ideas please,

I must add that i bought the game of ebay

  brundle 16:17 11 May 2008

click here

I don't know how you'll get round that, email Valve support would be my first thought.

  citadel 17:03 11 May 2008

half life 2 is already cheap to buy in a shop, only about £8 if you want to play.

  iqs 17:07 11 May 2008

I have sent an e-mail detailing the problem,and requesting a new product code.I have also contacted the seller I bought it from.
I will keep you updated.Thank again for all your help.

  iqs 21:54 12 May 2008

no reply from Steam,

  iqs 18:22 16 May 2008

I received a reply from Steam.Even if you buy an original game second hand,and the activation code is registered to the original owners Steam account,they will not reset or change the code.So basically it will be difficult to play a second hand game that requires the use of Steam.
Surely if its the original they must be a way around this???.

But its not all bad news.With the help of the original owner,I know have his old,unwanted account.I have change the e-mail address for messages from Steam,and reset the password.It took a while but now I am plating a classic.

This experience has put me off buying games which require Steam,a shame really.

Your thoughts please.


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