How to inst a flatscreen to laptop make it default

  [DELETED] 17:52 11 Mar 2006

For work I need to install a Philips 170x5 flatscreen and not use my PB K5825 ( XP Pro service pack 2) screen. Since the laptop screen works, how do I to change the default laptop screen to the 170x? I've installed the Philips driver and at re boot the two screens work in tandem untill after the XP pro logos. Then it is just the laptop screen. Can anyone help me sort this so that I can use one or the other as default?
Many Thanks,

  [DELETED] 17:58 11 Mar 2006

Depends what graphics card or chip that notebook uses. ATI cards, for example, allow easy switching between two installed monitors via the Settings tab of desktop properties.

  anskyber 18:06 11 Mar 2006

right click on desktop>properties>settingsAdvanceddisplays>swtch on monitor and select 1 for monitor and 2 for panel.> adjust screen resolution back in settings.

  anskyber 18:07 11 Mar 2006

But subject to ade.h comments

  [DELETED] 18:50 11 Mar 2006

Thanks, the graphics are NVidea G Force 4 440
I've set to use monitor 2 and to use desktop but the laptop stays as before but the 170x5 does go blue!
Hope these details help

  T0SH 19:55 11 Mar 2006

With most laptops you can toggle between the inbuilt display and an external or both, using the "Fn"+ one of the F1 to F12 keys (F7 on IBM thinkpads) look closely at the keys for a Icon that looks like two screens one blank one not

Cheers HC

  [DELETED] 21:53 11 Mar 2006

Thanks, Ade, Anskeyber and Tosh!
Putting all of these bits together and I now have a dual monitor laptop which goes down to one with FN F11 pressed which then gives the two screens joined so that a mspaint box can be dragged from the left of one screen to the right of the other!
But nothing else shows on the Philips desktop other than a travelling mouse and a paint box!
How can they all unite (the two screens) and show the same so that I can use FN F11 to shut the laptop off? and use the Philips?
Thanks again,

  [DELETED] 08:38 12 Mar 2006

Following on from yesterdays thread at 17.52, I still am stuck. I needed to view either the laptop or Philips 170x5 flatpanel screen from my laptop - PB K5285 XP Pro Service pack 2, NVidea G Force 4 440 64. Thanks to all who helped me get this far but I have now got a desktop base on the 170x5 showing blue and all showing on the laptop. I can drag the mouse from the left of one on to the right of the other, so they are one big wide screen. How to I condense them to one?

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