How to insert signed name as OE signature

  Dannyb 21:43 20 Feb 2003

I have my name written by my own fair hand saved as a macro for word documents and thought it would be nice to have it as my signature in outlook express but cannot work out how to insert it (xcuse the terminology there..) I have Windows 2000 Pro. Word 2000 and OE 6. Is it possible?

  beeuuem 22:27 20 Feb 2003

The only way I know, though there will be simpler way that I don't know, is
1/scan in the signature and save the image as bmp., jpeg etc
2/ open the image in Word and save as an HTML document.
3/Open OE

On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Signatures tab.
To create a signature, click New and then either enter text in the Edit Signature box or click File, and then find the text or HTML file you'd like to use. (The one you have just saved)
Select the Add signatures to all outgoing messages check box.

  Dannyb 19:47 21 Feb 2003

Thanks beeuum, tried that but couldn't get it to work. How do I save the image from word as html, I could only see save as web page, is that the same thing?? Excuse me being such a plank.........

  recap 20:02 21 Feb 2003

Can you not just copy and paste your signature into the signature in OE?


Save it as a Text file as OE does recognise .txt then copy and paste it from Word.

  beeuuem 21:19 21 Feb 2003

Yes - if you go to save as a web page it opens the 'SAVE AS'window and the default option for file type is HTML.
recap I don't think you can save an image as a text file.
The advantage of saving a signature as HTML is that you can add it to signatures in OE and can be added by default on all mail.

  Dannyb 21:29 21 Feb 2003

Really sorry about this but, when I do as you say, beeuuem I see the name of the file I saved appear but not the actual image. When I go to write a new email there is no signature showing. What have I done wrong??

recap, tried to save it as text but couldn't.

  jazzypop 22:12 21 Feb 2003

There are several methods of doing this, depending on the exact final effect you want to achieve - here's a couple of options...

click here

click here

  beeuuem 22:14 21 Feb 2003

To check the file you have created open Internet Explorer and go to 'File' >'Open' and browse for the file. It will open and display the saved signature image.
Check that when you create the new signature in Outlook Express (ie click New and then click File, and then find the HTML file you'd like to use using the 'Browse' button . (The one you have just saved) Select the Add signatures to all outgoing messages check box.)
you remember to click 'Apply'
It works for me!

  TonyV 22:40 23 Feb 2003

I have also tried, many times, to create a "written" signature for OE6, and have been singularly unsuccessful!! I have tried all the answers sent in this thread, and can only get a signature to appear if after the insertion operation, which ends in an empty box with a square in the top LHS, I click for properties and get back to the file it will then give me the signature! The signature file opens OK in Internet Explorer. I scanned the signature, then finally saved it as html file, but obviously I couldn't get it to function correctly. Other signatures I have in conventional text work fine. Are there anyother ideas of getting the result I require?


  Dannyb 09:37 24 Feb 2003

Thanks for that Tony, I thought it was just me!! I have tried all of the above but none has worked so would also appreciate any other, preferably simple, ideas on how this can be achieved.

  AndySD 09:52 24 Feb 2003

Go Start Find (search and find your signature folder. Create the pictire or html signatureand save it to this folder (including all images if its the html)

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