How to insert memory card into a laptop

  ponytail 11:33 25 Mar 2014

This may sound a silly question and it is related to a earlier post.I want to transfer some photos from a memory card from my wifes phone using the memory card flash memory slot on my laptop but cannot get the card to go all the way in and if I did how then would it come out.I am putting it in with the corner with the cutout going in on the R/H side.The laptop is a Asus K73E and the memory card is a SD MLC 256mb

  ponytail 11:36 25 Mar 2014

Have also tried a SanDisc 8gb card same problem.I could use my external card reader but would like to know why it will not work this way.

  Jollyjohn 11:40 25 Mar 2014

The card will go about 3/4 in, pause and an options box should appear, choose what you want to do. When finished, gently push the card in a little more and release, it will pop out and can be removed, if not simply pull the card back out.

There is an icon bottom right marked "safely remove hardware" you can use this to stop the card before removing it, just to make sure Windows has finished copying files.

  ponytail 12:11 25 Mar 2014

Hi jollyjohn when I insert the card I only get the option box if I hold the card in.It does not stay in as soon as I stop holding it in the option box dissapears

  Jollyjohn 12:43 25 Mar 2014

OK. Just had a trial with my laptop and card. When I push the card in there is a definite click and it locks in. Then to release I push again and it unlocks.

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