How to incorporate foreign language symbols?

  [DELETED] 20:07 26 Dec 2003

I have recently moved to Sweden with an english computer (windows xp home). I know how to access foreign symbols in word documents, but how do I get them on other programs? For example, in my address book, or on internet explorer.


  [email protected]@m 20:21 26 Dec 2003

Programs, Accesories, System Tools, Character Map. It's a bit long winded, but you could save the ones you use and paste them in when required.

  Big Elf 20:22 26 Dec 2003

There's an option in IE to add languages in Tools, Internet Options, Languages button. I don't know about other porgrams though.

  [DELETED] 22:10 26 Dec 2003

Control Panel, Keyboard, Add, Swedish, enable indicator in you system tray, or memorise the shortcuts to switch keyboards.

That will give you easy access to ¤ äÄòÒóÓéè etc. but the layout is a bit different to the UK keyboard.

QWERTY is ok as is ASDF but other keys are a bit radical ,;.:-_ Try printing out a keyboard chart to remind yourself where the various accented vowels are.

  [DELETED] 23:51 26 Dec 2003

Have you tried the ASCII codes? Should work with any programme. email me if you want a copy of them.

  [DELETED] 08:23 27 Dec 2003

Ascii codes here: click here

If you want to type in the German "a umlaut", for example, hold down the Alt key and using the numeric keypad, type in 0228 and you should get an "ä".

  [DELETED] 11:02 27 Dec 2003

I've tried Alt 0228 etc. but nothing seems to happen - do I need a numeric keypad at the side of the keyboard? (my laptop doesn't have one)

  [DELETED] 11:38 27 Dec 2003


  [DELETED] 11:46 27 Dec 2003

Sorry borage, that lets me out. Never having had a laptop I can't make any further suggestions. I do have a friend with a laptop though so I will give him a ring and see if he knows. Will post back if I get any more feedback.

  [DELETED] 11:47 27 Dec 2003

PS. what model laptop have you got?

  [DELETED] 11:55 27 Dec 2003

Most laptops have a function key that you hold down while typing on the marked keys on the regular keypad.

If you're going to be typing Swedish symbols like ¤ regularly, better add the Swedish keyboard and get used to that. Otherwise, try a keyboard macro program like Perfect Keyboard Pro click here that will record the Alter keystrokes for you, then you can assign your own shortcuts to type whatever characters you need, e.g. Ctrl 3 to type ¤ control a to type ã etc. This will work in almost any program, not just Word.

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