How To Improve My GHz?????

  js1_15 14:17 30 Dec 2014

Before i start just want to say im not a computer whizz so i might need things dumbing down for me lol. Basically i am trying to find out the cheapest and easiest way i can up rate my GHz from 1.7 to 2.2 on my laptop, i installed a game yesterday but it wouldn't open and was bringing up a "crash dump" application error. After trawling various forums and trying countless things i have got know where, so i have come on here to ask for help with the problem. As i said at the start i am not a whizz with computers, so it could be something simple that i am or not doing. Any help would be appreciated, Cheers John.

  Batch 14:47 30 Dec 2014

Would help if you told us the model / cpu / specification of your lappie. How do you know it's not already running at maximum?

  js1_15 15:05 30 Dec 2014

Its a Packard bell mh36, all i know is that someone to do a "can you run it" test for the game i had installed and it came up saying i need 2.2ghz. So i dont know if i need to take it to a pc shop and have something upgraded?, or is there something i can do to get more speed?

Cheers John.

  wee eddie 15:13 30 Dec 2014

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news: As it is a laptop there is nothing that you can do.

1.7 is the maximum your Processor can do and it is not possible to change a laptop's processor

  rdave13 15:20 30 Dec 2014

I agree with wee eddie and even if you could it wouldn't be wise to play with overclocking if you don't know exactly what you're doing. Taking it to a PC repairer to upgrade the CPU would be too expensive I would think but you can always ask for a quote.

  js1_15 15:26 30 Dec 2014

Ok, to be honest all i wanted was a straight answer, as on most other forums i just kept going round in circles. Thanks for your help guys, Much appreciated.

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