How is IE7 Beta

  sunny staines 12:43 20 Mar 2006

IE7 Beta how been out a while now. Having read all the MS web tutorials on IE7 it looks good.

But a search on the web is full of opinons complaining of all manner of faults.

I presume these earlier bugs have been put right by now. Any one using IE7 give us an update please. [dont want to run it then have problems reverting back].


  dms05 12:57 20 Mar 2006

I'm sure IE7 is a long way from a full release and you'll have to use the Beta version for some considerable time. I've tried IE7 Beta and it's certainly a lot better than IE6, but that's not saying much. If you want the IE7 features but in a stable package look at Opera v8.5 or Firefox. They are complete stable packages and are better than IE7 will be, even when it's released as a full vesion.

I uninstalled IE7 Beta because I had lots of problems when it was installed on an almost new laptop. But that's just my experience. I know the Forum Editor has been using it for several months without problems.

  rawprawn 12:57 20 Mar 2006

I tried it, didn't like it and uninstalled it. I hope the full version will suit me better than the beta.

  spuds 12:58 20 Mar 2006

Like all beta version, there (on the law of averages) are bound to be some niggles.

Having just done a complete new reformat, I was contemplating installing IE7, but after consideration, I decided not to be a guinea pig this time.Some reviews look very good, others not so (that's life).

  Newuser38 14:02 20 Mar 2006

Still using it, click here, in fact I had forgotten I had it until I saw this posting which shows I have got used to using all the extra functions, tabs etc automatically, and I have not had any more related crashes.

  sunny staines 14:43 20 Mar 2006

newuser 38

thankyou for the link. Still pondering

  ACOLYTE 14:46 20 Mar 2006

Its only 11Meg? or is that the default dload and you need to goonline for the rest?

  gel 16:26 20 Mar 2006

I tried it didn't like it Uninstalled and back to FIREFOX

  BRYNIT 17:22 20 Mar 2006

I am still using it, never had any problems, and found it ideal to enlarge the print you have selected from a web page before printing without having to copy and paste into a word doc.

  Newuser38 17:29 20 Mar 2006

Just came across this during pre-drink browsing may be relevant to some folk click here

  sunny staines 12:16 21 Mar 2006

do I download beta2 or beta2 refresh I get the impression the latter is just for programmers.

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