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How to I make a complete copy of my C: drive ?

  Furkin 12:23 27 Oct 2015


I’m returning a loan computer to get my own back.

I want to copy the entire C: drive of the loaner, to put onto my machine.

I have done a System image, onto an external usb hdd (E:), but a colleague says it has to be on a dvd.

When I click to select target, I do get the option of copying to ‘HDD’ or ‘One DVD or more’.

As it happens, it looks like I don’t have enough dvd’s to carry it out this way, so I looked at the copy I did to the hdd. I don’t recognise any of the file names, so I have no idea how to use it – if indeed I can.

I had hoped that I could pick the required programs, folders, files etc from the E: to put on my own kit's C:.

Am I looking at this the right way ?

How do I copy the whole C: to transplant into mine ?

Any help or advice really welcome.


  bumpkin 13:39 27 Oct 2015

Use something like Macrium to clone "C" onto your external Hdd and then clone it onto your pc.

  onthelimit1 14:12 27 Oct 2015

Cloning an entire drive on one computer and then trying to clone that to another will not work as the hardware is different. What you can do is copy your data (pics, docs etc) to an external drive or DVDs, then paste those onto the other computer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:33 27 Oct 2015

Unless its exactly the same make and model it won't work! You will have different hardware in the new PC and it will require different drivers.

getting yours back? where's it been, for repair? then it should boot and run OK all you need is to copy the data from the users \documents pictures music folders and backup any emails.

you really need to delete all data off the loaner especially if used for websites and banking as all your passwords wil be on it.

  bumpkin 15:19 27 Oct 2015

My apologies to Furkin, I posted that without thinking, OTL and FB are correct:-0

  Furkin 10:04 29 Oct 2015

Thanks guys,

Of course, I only need the programs - not the 'machine' stuff.

I firstly tried to Copy C: to E:.

This would/should have copied just the programs etc. I got an error saying (para) "can't do this file as its name is too long".

I then tried Robocopy & Xcopy.

Robo didn't seem to recognise the request.

Xcopy did, but only copied 'end' & 'debug' - nothing else.

I'm not 100% certain of the syntax, but I put: C: E: ? Apparently I don't need to insert ., as it's automatic.

I'm sorry for the confusion.


Strangely, I'm still not getting email notifications - even on this different machine ! Yep - I ticked the box.

  onthelimit1 11:27 29 Oct 2015

You cannot transfer programs from one drive to another. You have to reinstall either from a cd or download

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