How I learnt XHTML/CSS in six weeks

  slightlymad 23:04 24 Apr 2005

I keep seeing threads asking how to learn CSS, so this may be of interest to some...

Six weeks ago I didn't know the first thing about HTML. I'd previously completed two online Photoshop courses, and I can't praise these highly enough - my knowledge increased a hundred-fold, and I learnt some spectacular techniques. But I digress...

I wanted a website to show off my creations, so I signed up for the "Build Your Website" course. I have to admit it was hard work for an complete beginner, but I now have my first website!

The "online classes" website in question is called LVS (Leader in Virtual Studies"). You download clearly-written weekly lessons, work through them, safe in the knowledge that help is at hand should you get stuck - there's a forum for each "class", which the (highly-qualified) instructor monitors regularly. At the end of each week you upload your assignment for appraisal, and your 'classmates' are encouraged to comment or ask questions.

I'm going on to "Build Your Website 2" in a couple of weeks, which should give me enough HTML/CSS know-how to go on to the DREAMWEAVER course.

LVS link: click here - check out the Course Schedule on the top left.

Oh, and the cost - it's $25 for your first course, then $20 for subsequent ones. Amazing value, considering the first-class learning material and support that you get.

My website, all done in Notepad: click here. (Disregard the content, it's only waffle to fill the pages.) It's very basic of course, but shows how much I learnt in six weeks.


  slightlymad 23:06 24 Apr 2005

I keep forgetting that I'm, not .com! It's here: click here.

  slightlymad 00:17 25 Apr 2005

Aw shucks, fourm member, I'm chuffed. Yes, we learnt about meta tags and the fact that keywords are pretty much valueless - alt and title attributes are the way to go. And links at the top of the page with keywords. And yes, a heading not an image, but apparently an relevant alt attribute for the image is would do the trick. Another good way to attract crawlers is to make changes to your site on a regular basis. The more stagnant a site is, the less likely crawlers will return.

See, haven't I learnt a lot?!

Anyway, at the moment my website is just a learning tool, not yet fit for public consumption, so I don't want it to be found! But all this is of interest, for the future. And I'm learning more, from this forum.


  slightlymad 00:27 25 Apr 2005

AND I know how to do separate style sheets, even though we don't get to do these until Build II. (I Googled for them.) I would be quite put off by the whole thing if it wasn't for stylesheets - they're going to be a BIG timesaver.

It's probable that my LVS recommendation is a bit too basic for members of this forum, but they do offer more advanced courses.


  phil 07:33 25 Apr 2005

This an April Fools joke?

You don't write this kind of code in notepad after six weeks:

document.write('<script src="click here='+
(new Function
("var d=new Date();var u=Date.UTC(d.getUTCFul"
+"s(),d.getUTCMilliseconds());return u+'-'+Ma"

It's just a links page that you've found with your name on it.

Come clean!

  slightlymad 11:55 25 Apr 2005

Thanks, fourm member.

  phil 19:24 25 Apr 2005

Apologies Marie.

I blinked and missed your second post.

  slightlymad 22:03 25 Apr 2005

No problem, Phil - easily done.


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