is this how i get my new fan on..

  toon_mad 13:24 08 Nov 2008

Was supposed to do this the other day but been busy, anyway as Spartacus may know :) gonna put this BLue Orb II in myself, this is how i think its done aswell what ive heard, so if someone can let me know if its missing anything that would be helpful:

1) Turn computer off, disconnect all cables from the outside of the tower (leave PSU cable connected and mains left on as a ground)
2) As knotknut suggested, take a diagram of the layout of the motherboard, alternatively label each connection so you know where to reconnect them
3) With the anti static wrist strap around your wrist and held onto a metal part of your pc, carefully remove the PCI cards such as your sound card, gfx card etc by holding the edge of both sides (the gfx card may have a lock in place)
4) Place the PCI cards individually into an anti static bag
5) Carefully remove all the other cables connected to the motherboard (hard drive, dvd roms, etc)
6) Checking there are no other cables in the way of the motherboard (took away in the case if needed), begin unscrewing the motherboard. Once unscrewed gently lift out of the case and place on an anti static surface, such as a cardboard box.
7) Disconnect the fan cable, and begin unscrewing the stock heatsink. This should lift straight up and out?
8) With the heatsink out, and the brackets it used out you should now be able to see the CPU?
9) Take a small amount of ISOPROPANOL IPA and dab with a dry cloth the thermal paste off the CPU. Make sure it is all clean and flat for the next step.
10) Using the Artic Cooling MX-2 (AS5 or other thermal paste) place a small amount ontop of the CPU (where the old paste was) and carefully smooth it out not too thick, but enough of it to cover any gaps (not too much that when you put the new heatsink on, it pushes the paste out sideways).
11) Connect the new heatsink bracket and screw in tightly. Place the heatsink on the bracket and screw into the stand offs. Once securely fitted leave for a minute and take the heatsink back off. This is so you can see by the markings on the paste, how well the heatsink sits on the thermal paste?
12) If its good screw the heatsink back on, then connect the fan connector.
13) Screw the motherboard back in, carefully install your PCI cards, followed by the remaining motherboard cables.
14) Give yourself time to give the motherboard a good check, to make sure everything is connected ok.
15) If your happy, switch the PC on and hopefully the new heatsink works. If its good, reconnect the side case to your tower, and thats it (hopefully!)

Also the stock intel heatsinks fan connector, connects to the CPU_FAN (3 pin). My new Blue Orb II is 4 pinned, where would i connect this - the only visible 4 pin socket for it is the CHA_FAN1 (would this be ok to connect to?).


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:41 08 Nov 2008

Personally to disturb as little else as possible

I would just release the CPU heat sink and fan
remove the heat sink and fan
clean off the old thermal paste
refit the new heatsink and fan and place back in on the board.

  rdave13 14:54 08 Nov 2008

May be I've misunderstood but in 1 you say (leave PSU cable connected and mains left on as a ground).
I certainly wouldn't have the mains connected or anywhere near a PC I was going to work on.

  I am Spartacus 15:08 08 Nov 2008

Unfortunately the Blue Orb II requires a backplate be fitted to the motherboard.

I'm with rdave13, I always disconnect the PSU cable from the back of the PSU (now). I used to switch off at the mains but forgot I had a UPS which was supplying power while I switched and destroyed a graphics card.

  T0SH 15:30 08 Nov 2008

Switching the power off at the wall socket kills the mains power (except in the case above of a UPS which you would also need to switch off)leaves the earth (Ground) connected to the case so long as you leave the mains lead plugged in at both ends, it will provides a path to earth to discharge any static electricity build up

Cheers HC

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