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How to I get an album to I-Touch without syncing?

  Bailey08787 11:47 04 Aug 2009

Hi there

I'm sure there must be a way round this dilemma as I can't imagine that every time people wish to add a new album to their iphone / ipod touch, they have to go through the long process of re-syncing.

I'm hoping you know how, as I don't.

Up until now, every time I want to add a new album to my mp3 collection on my iphone, I have to resync the whole thing (which with 12-13gbs of data, takes hours to do).

I've tried selecting only the new album I want to sync, but then the flipping thing removes all the other music and assumes I only want the new album on my phone.

Must be a way round this right?


  I am Spartacus 12:43 04 Aug 2009

The only time mine has resynchronised everything is after an OS upgrade, otherwise like oldbeefer2 it only takes a minute to add an album.

Are you choosing the option File, Add folder to library?

  Bailey08787 13:07 04 Aug 2009

I've been dragging the files to my itunes music library - then checking all the boxes (for every single music file - as if I don't tick them all, it takes them off the iphone) and then syncing

  Bailey08787 13:08 04 Aug 2009

it also sync's all my photos too - if I don't select the photo's folder to be part of the sync, it takes them off the iphone

  I am Spartacus 13:48 04 Aug 2009

I'm puzzled why the ticks aren't in the checkboxes. I've been experimenting and the only way I can remove them in my iTunes is to select the track(s), right click and choose 'uncheck selection'.

You are keeping all your albums in the same location on your PC i.e. not moving them to a different folder after copying to the iPhone?

I've found a couple of settings in Edit, Preferences, Advanced tab for 'Keep iTunes music folder organized' and 'Copy files to iTunes Folder when adding to library'. They're both ticked on mine although the second option shouldn't make a difference and as far as I can see duplicates the albums.

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