How hot is hot

  countryboy 16:30 05 Aug 2007

I've just put a Gainward Bliss 8500gt slient FX in my computer as an upgrade from the onbaord graphics, just checked the temp and its running at 68 degrees c, is this hot or just normal, I have been running FSX.

  Technotiger 16:37 05 Aug 2007

Just a bit above normal, though not critical. I would advise you to check cooling of your case - if it is near the floor under your desk, surrounded by other objects etc then you should move it and make sure it has plenty of clear clean air-flow around it. Also check all fans and inside of case and de-gunk and clear all dust off everything. You could also check cables inside case, especially if of the flat/ribbon type - could be changed for Round type taking up less space and allowing clear air-flow through case.

Never take side off of case to keep cool, only makes matters worse.

  citadel 18:47 05 Aug 2007

if it is the temp of the card, nothing to worry about as nvidea cards can go to 130c before auto slowdown takes effect.

  Stuartli 21:21 05 Aug 2007

I really cannot believe any graphics card (I presume you mean nVidia graphics chipsets) being capable of being run at up to 266 degrees Fahrenheit without it suffering serious damage; even more so as there are so many nVidia chipset variations:

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According to what I have been reading, once higher end cards start going over 80 degrees C when gaming is the time to start worrying.

  [email protected] 21:32 05 Aug 2007

the 8800's seem to start playing up over 80c. but nvidia claim they can run much hotter mine stay in the late 50c/ very early 60c under load i added thermaltake coolers to each of them as they were loading in the 70c area, this is on an 8800gtx
68c on an 8500 is very warm any warmer and i would return it, if it's in a tiny case try an exhaust fan under it, but not too close as it steals the airflow, just close enough to take some heat from the card before it rises through the card. mid range cards like the 7600gt should peak at 50c with any sort of airflow IMHO

  Stuartli 21:35 05 Aug 2007

What do you mean by very much hotter?

citadel is offering a figure of 130 degrees C...:-)

  [email protected] 21:38 05 Aug 2007

if you have the passive cooled model (no fan) they do seem to run quite hot
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  [email protected] 21:42 05 Aug 2007

thats what nvidia say lol! anything under 90 (100 if factory o/c) is the norm! they slow down at 130. personnally i think thats crazy, it would turn your tower into an oven heating up everything. but what citadel quotes is what i was told, a lot of overclockers say under 130c dont worry! the card has an alarm when it gets too hot and slows up, or is short of power.

  Stuartli 21:49 05 Aug 2007

I cannot find any official nVidia maximum temperatures for graphics cards (chipsets).

Our electric fan assisted oven can't better 250-260 degrees F...:-)

  [email protected] 21:51 05 Aug 2007

im looking, i got my details from bfg and im sure it wasnt 130c i think it was 140c on the gtx! does a jacket potatoe in about 10 mins :)

  [email protected] 22:05 05 Aug 2007

i think the problem is nvidia dont want to give a temp out as all the cards seem wildly different, the cheap cards put thier own hsf on and maybe nvid dont want to land anyone in the smelly stuff. click the faq's here and it only tells you the symptoms, it only seems to be the card suppliers that give the actual temps out.
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