How hot?

  bumpkin 21:59 02 Nov 2011

Hi, not a good title I know. I have recently bought and set up a wireless network. The router/modem seems to get very hot. It is difficult to explain heat obviously. OK so very warm, enough to cause concern.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:20 02 Nov 2011

Make / model of router?

Does it have air space around it in its location?

  bumpkin 23:06 02 Nov 2011

Hi Fruit Bat, it is a "SUMVISION" router. Plenty of space, it is on a desk with nothing near it. This is a new thing to me that I have only had working for a few days. It works fine but the temperature causes me some concern. Using a basic thermo I am getting 38 to 45C placing it on the top of the router.


  mooly 08:22 03 Nov 2011

Do you have a model number for it ?

Does it have a separate power supply/mains adapter (wall wart) ? If so does that get hot too ?

Things to check are whether the router or adapter is marked as suitable for 230 volts AC (UK). Most such devices these days use what is termed a "switch mode power supply" which works on any voltage and with no adjustment and also runs cool. If it used a more traditional power supplly consisting of a conventional mains transformer then it would be normal for it to get hot.

Does the unit have a power consumption figure quoted anywhere ?

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