how to hide folder.jpg thumbnails for burning cd?

  theDarkness 12:57 23 Feb 2010

I am burning a cd with lots of folders, with photos inside for the relations. There is a hidden "folder.jpg" inside each folder, which makes an image thumbnail for each folder, viewable when looking at all the folders in a row on the pc (in thumbnail view mode-obviously!).

what I am wondering is how to make each folder.jpg hidden, as after burning, "folder.jpg"'s are no longer hidden files. any easy solution? ps i am using ashampoo, perhaps part of the problem is that my burning program is not able to burn hidden files such as a folder's image onto a disc?

thanks for any help

  GaT7 14:01 23 Feb 2010

First change the view in Folder Options > View tab to 'Show hidden files & folders' & deselect the 'Hide protected operating system files' option.

Then when adding photos to your burning session, select them only. In other words, leave out the folder.jpg & other hidden files by using the Ctrl button to select & add the photos only. G

  northumbria61 14:04 23 Feb 2010

You may get a quicker answer if you contact Ashampoo on one of their enquiry forms.
Type click here into your Google search engine and choose Ashampoo Support Database from the list - from the screen that follows choose CONTACT which is shown just below choice of Country
(ie. About/Contact) There you can fill in an enquiry form.

  theDarkness 15:58 26 Feb 2010

sorry crossbow, i shouldve stated that I created custom "folder.jpg's" for my folders, as after burning I wanted my folders to have custom images- I just didnt want them showing inside the folders, after burning I wanted them to be hidden (whilst still doing their job!)

northumbria61 - there are no extra options to "hide" files that are going to be burnt, my old version of nero was the same- even if I hide the "folder.jpg" and then add the entire folder that it resides in, folder.jpg still appears on the burnt disc. I could always delete the folder.jpg, but I wanted my folders to have custom images in thumbnail mode. its not a big deal, but I thought most burning programs would be capable of doing it. ill keep searching for a more customisable burning program that will let me burn files (and let me hide files on a burnt disc) but im not expecting to find a solution! :( thanks

perhaps most burning programs do not let me hide files, as that would be a great idea for creators of viruses who might want to distribute discs, and therefore surprise people? lol

  GaT7 16:32 26 Feb 2010

'...folder.jpg still appears on the burnt disc.'

This may be because your PC is still setup to view protected operating files AND hidden files & folders.

What happens if you turn off these features in Folder Options? This is how most people will have it on their PCs I'd imagine.

Does the folder.jpg files still show up on the burnt disc?

If it still does, then it may not be possible to achieve. I think it's more of an OS feature ('by design') rather than a burning software issue. G

  theDarkness 00:18 27 Feb 2010

those features are already set to off, so its probably not a possibility on any dvd burning program at all. i could put a few messages up on the nero and ashampoo forums for their admin to find and reply to, but in reality I suppose its not really a necessary feature for most/any users.

i think you are right in that its really a feature thats related more to an operating system rather than any disc - i was pretty sure that files could be hidden on a cd/dvd. perhaps hidden files are found more on retail discs, which use different burning technology/programs anyway.


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