How to have secure email

  je-haz 00:42 11 Nov 2008


I would like to have secure email to prevent people on the network from evesdropping.

Other than using webmail, is there a way to have secure (encrypted transmissions) email using Outlook/Thunderbird/ other clients?


  Belatucadrus 00:51 11 Nov 2008

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What makes you think your e-mail security is compromised ? The chances of anyone "evesdropping." is pretty remote.

  LastChip 00:51 11 Nov 2008

I wrote this for Linux, but all the concepts are identical.

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In fact, both GnuPG and Enigmail can be used in Windows. If you care to look at their respective web sites, you will see the details.

I don't use Windows any more for normal use, but I think you'll find, there is a GnuPG executable (exe) file and Enigmail, is a Thunderbird plug-in anyway.

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