How have I got read- only Word Files

  bpzoom 20:05 02 Dec 2014

Microsoft 7 Word 2010. I run a single computer at home with no other computers in the house. Over the years I have created and saved many Word files currently I am using WORD 2010. Sometimes when I go to edit a Word file it tells me it is "Read only". It will not save or even delete if I want it to do either, and I get the message "The file id still open in Word" and Try Again or Close. 1. Can anyone tell me how "Read Only" files have been created in Word as I have never knowingly done so. and 2 How do I remove the status "Read Only" if I want to edit and save it or even delete it? I have tried Help under Windows and a network is mentioned as being relevent which I know nothing about.

  northumbria61 22:17 02 Dec 2014

You should be able to right click on the file before opening it, select properties, under security tab - edit and change permissions - give yourself full control

  bpzoom 22:43 02 Dec 2014

OK Thank you. When I right clicked I got the permissions for the file name. In the box for group or user names there are 4 entries System Brian(brian-PC\brian) Home Users (brian-PC\home users) Administration (brian-pc\administration) I don't have a clue what each of these is or why there are so many. For each one I checked for the properties and only Home Users (brian-PC\home users) has the facility to alter permissions in the permissions box. The others are greyed out in their permission boxes. The setting for Home Users (brian-PC\home users) is allow full control. I still can't change the file which remains "created as a Read Only file". I am all at sea.

  bpzoom 14:03 03 Dec 2014

Thank you, most helpful. I will follow that through. Saving with a slightly different filename is a get around I agree.

  bpzoom 14:25 03 Dec 2014

I read down to the end as you suggested,and tried this one. So far it has worked on 2 files which were trapped in Read Only. Thank you for finding this out for me, I am most grateful.

Open Windows Explorer. In the upper left is a pull down menu that is labeled Organize. Click it and go down to Layout, select "Preview pane" to turn it off.

  bpzoom 16:23 03 Dec 2014

Ha Ha, you might guess it worked on one file which I was able to alter and save, It has not worked with others. When I went to the top folder called Iceland containing many sub folders and files, I found that Read Only was set for that folder. I unset it and applied which resulted in a run through all the owned folders. The read only was unset. When I checked back on the folder properties, Read only was set again ! Back to square 1.

  bpzoom 16:31 03 Dec 2014

When I unset Read only for the lowest folder owning the file I am dealing with, I am able to delete or amend the Read Only file. When I go back to the folder properties, Read only is set again. If that pattern continues, I can live with it as not many of my files are smitten with he Read only curse.

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