How has the heatwave effected........

  Bodi 22:41 09 Aug 2003

everyone's CPU/motherboard temperature?

Mine has gone up about four degree centigrade to around 52. I have a large room fan playing on computer, anyone have any other ideas?


  Djohn 22:46 09 Aug 2003

click here and have a read :o)

  fred 22:47 09 Aug 2003

CPU sitting at about 68 C. No prob. Mind you running UD 24/7 No case fan Athlon 2400 but no side on case. MB at about 38 C.

  Peverelli 22:52 09 Aug 2003

CPU 57 (nomally about 50 after an hour). Graphics seem to be playing up :O(

  Quiller. 22:52 09 Aug 2003

Motherboard has gone up by 7 degrees, yet the cpu has only increased by 1.5 degrees to 43.5.

I have just moved the workstation and put the sides back on. This is the first time it has been "shut " for six months.

Ah the joys of self build. lol

  User-312386 22:58 09 Aug 2003

up about 6°c on CPU and 4°c on MOBO

  Bodi 23:00 09 Aug 2003

How did I miss that one. Easy! Been busy with a couple of other computers and haven't been on the internet. lol

Fred: That's reassuring, been trying to get some more work out of both to see what the temp will finally reach.


Present CPU temp=49/50C - Motherboard=36C

I think I'm hotter than both lol

  Djohn 23:03 09 Aug 2003

Considering just how hot it has been this past week, and how it has affected us users, then I think our PC's have coped quite well! Mine has gone from 50/52 to 54/56 for XP1800+ :o)

  hssutton 23:05 09 Aug 2003

Living on the coast I do not find the temperature to be a problem but the computer is getting a little hot Athlon 2400 57deg. System temp 39

  hugh-265156 23:06 09 Aug 2003

room temp 28ºC

mobo 31ºC cpu 38ºC hard drive 30ºC

has been on since 10am this morning.

if i throw in a game its a different story altogether.

  Stuartli 23:12 09 Aug 2003

I've certainly not been effected..:-)

But it hasn't affected my system, probably because the most efficient cooling is with the panels on the case - taking them off immediately destroys the flow of air over the components and is more likely to cause overheating.

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