How good is my Broadband speed?

  1936 15:54 07 Oct 2010

I used an online Broadband spped checker which came up with the following:
Download. 1024 Kbps.
Upload. 245 Kbps.

Couls someone please let me know how good or bad this is.

  onthelimit 17:19 07 Oct 2010

Depends how far from your exchange you are, condition of the phone line, amount of extension cabling in your house, time of day. These will all affect what you actually get. What does click here say you should be able to get?

  1936 19:30 07 Oct 2010

I said that I got the following.

Download. 1024 Kbps.
Upload. 245 Kbps.

I am about one mile from the exchange and when I checked the place sugested all it said was "Estimated speed 2.0 Mb

The reason that I posed the question is that one reads so much about the claims made for Broadband speed and I wonderd where mine fitted.

  onthelimit 09:38 08 Oct 2010

I know you said what you got, but that is only relevant to what your ISP says you should get. The phrase 'Up to..' is frequently used and is very missleading for most people. If your estimated speed (from the link) is 2Mb and you're getting 1Mb, that could well be about right (depending on the time of day and how many other people are on line in your area). My estimate is for 6.5 and I rarely actually get more than 4.

  dms_05 11:30 08 Oct 2010

You need to post your Stats from the router. You will get something like mine:

Connection Speed 19639 kbps
Line Attenuation 17.5 db
Noise Margin 6.3 db

You can take a good guess from the Noise Margin about how much more speed is available to you. If you have a Noise Margin above 7 db then their may be more speed capacity in your line however that depends upon some other factors but it's a good place to start.

  kristain 06:35 11 Oct 2010

speed is good enough but it all depends on your needs and usage. you can click here to check the broadband speed.

  jfell-1620020 06:31 28 Oct 2010

hey , i thought this is not good speed you getting because of your estimated speed is 2.0 mbps and you get your speed half of this.

  Cyrilthepost 10:30 23 Nov 2010

Connection Speed 7840 kbps 832 kbps
Line Attenuation 39.0 db 21.5 db
Noise Margin 7.1 db 15.0 db.What is the Line one?cos mine seems high???

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