How Good Is This Graphics Card

  SPLAT2004 00:03 15 Mar 2005

Iwould like a new card anyone know how good this card is the MSI GeFORCE 6800LE

  bvw in bristol 00:13 15 Mar 2005

From what I gather it's a good card, although the 6600GT appears better value from what I've read.

Check your PSU first as these cards require 350 or 400 watts......anything less may cause problems.

  dagwoood 10:30 15 Mar 2005

SPLAT2004, I agree with bvw in bristol in that the 6600GT is better value. It will out perform the 6800le in most bench tests, the 6800le only comes into its own at higher resolutions(if your monitor can support them)and higher anti-aliasing settings.

It's also important to make sure you have a decent power supply to run either of these cards. Some manufacturers are now saying that a 450w power supply is the minimum spec you should have to run a 6600GT.

HTH, dagwoood.

  garrema 13:02 15 Mar 2005

This question has been asked many times at the - forums - graphics cards. (no shop talk)
The 6600GT is a more or less maxed out core and ram with bottlenecks like its 128 bit and 8pp (pixel pipes)
The 6800 LE is essentially a way for nvidia to offload non ultra or GT spec chips (read 300-400 quids worth)
The 6800LE will be cruising at around the same perfomance as the 6600GT but is 256 bit and 8 or 12 pp - this is where there is a massive potential bonus - you MAY be able to unlock these "Value optimised" ppipes - using rivatuner - to twelve or even 16 which means the performance will well outstrip a 6600GT.

  garrema 13:21 15 Mar 2005

Assuming when you are gaming you are not burning the magna carta onto DVD or downlading the last episode of 24 from the US then a 6600GT or 6800LE or nu for that matter will be fine with a 300 W and a spare power connector.
I agree with 350 to 400W which is comfy to have but to say 450 watt scares folk off - not correct.
read here; click here

  dagwoood 14:01 15 Mar 2005

I don't like to sound like I'm contradicting you, but a 300-350w psu isn't good enough for a 6600GT, I know, I tried to run my 6600GT with a 350w power supply and the psu blew. It not only took the psu, but also my motherboard and hard drive(think it's damaged a stick of RAM as well, as it wont run at 400MHz). These cards now ship with the minimum spec stating you need a 450w psu. Have a look at this thread on the Nvidia Forums, especialy the section "You need lots of power" click here

Here's another link that illustrates how much power a 6600GT will use under load and at idle click here

As to unlocking a 6800le, it's getting a lot harder to find cards that will unlock, so it's a gamble if you purchase one with a view to unlock it.

SPLAT2004, sorry if this has confused the issue for you. It's not my intention to do this, and I suspect it's not garrema's intention either, but you're going to get differences in opinion with what will/wont work with regards to pc's.


  [email protected] 14:20 15 Mar 2005

i have a nx6600gt and its brilliant! it connect to the power supply and the clock ratio i have mine set at is 550/1100 and it loves it!

  [email protected] 14:23 15 Mar 2005

oh and i have a 650w psu.......always handy.

  keithlik 15:07 15 Mar 2005

Just a word about the card - in the (fairly unlikely) case that you use Microsoft Flight Sims - mine did not work and I have to revert to my trusty 68 Radeon. Just a thought........

  garrema 16:25 15 Mar 2005

Thats some bad experience you have had sorry to hear that. The Nvidia link makes the 6600GT out as a nightmare and I don't dispute anyones case -let alone your credit buster. Also yep we could be running the gauntlet with generic OEM PSUs which may be optimistically specd. No idea what Splats using.
Yes i think you are right regarding the unlockability of the fresh LEs

I would still stand by a 6800LE or for another 40 quid a 6800 nu they have so much head room. My experince with a 6800nu unlocked and oveclocked with a 350 PSU is fine.

How are you feeling Splat2004 - overawed or overdrawn?

  dagwoood 16:49 15 Mar 2005

"...we could be running the gauntlet with generic OEM PSUs".

You got it in one :) My old psu was a Q-tech. I've now got a Jeantec 500w twin fan psu(18amp on the 12v rail)and haven't had any problems.

Splat2004, didn't intend to hijack your thread. Sorry.


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