How good is AVG really?

  ened 17:11 19 Apr 2004

...because I recently had a HDD failure so I put another one in as a slave. I had not used this one for approx. one year but had retained the data.
AVG gave it a clean bill of health but recently someone posted an observation that Trend Micro had picked up a Trojan that AVG had missed.
I ran TM on my machine and there were three virus on the slave which must be more than 12 months old.
How can AVG have missed them if it is to be trusted?

  ThePharcyde007 17:13 19 Apr 2004

I use Norton which is not bad, it illiminates the viruses, but I now am fighting a losing battle against browser highjacking which is totally annoying

  ened 17:23 19 Apr 2004

ThePharcyde007 I suppose the answer is to pay for it - but so many people in this forum swear by the freebies I thought they were reliable..

  obbit 17:45 19 Apr 2004

I think AVG is ok. it works for me. you could always do an online scan.

click here

i've done this after using AVG for quite a while and never found anything that AVG could have missed. AVG has been awarded for doing a good job.

saving money is what it's all about. Plus with all the threads on this forum from people with Norton problems.

  Belatucadrus 18:02 19 Apr 2004

AVG good, avast! better.

  QQAA 18:09 19 Apr 2004

with my recently installed "avast! 4.1 Home Edition" freeware antivirus, i had visited the symantec online security scan before click here. unfortunately, they did not recognised it (saying no 'known' antivirus product was installed in my system) and hence my system was supposed to be vulnerable to virus attack.

well, it seems the equally free "AVG" at least has the consolation of being recognised by Symantec as an antivirus tool. but i am adamant that i have no intention whatsoever to ditch the "avast! 4.1 Home Edition" for other free or commercial antivirus products. :)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:28 19 Apr 2004

I cannot believe that I am replying to this but...I have used AVG for nearly 4 years, I have the preview pane open in Outlook at all times, I have a cavalier attitude to security, have not run a firewall for two years and I open ALL attachments apart from the ones that AVG deletes. I maintain an email list of 60+ AVG users that I mail when an update is ready. I and no one else has had a virus. I am still unable to fathom why a paid for AV is better.....


ps ALL AV's let through trojans and worms......

  paddyjack 19:16 19 Apr 2004

Half to endorse GANDALF <|:-)> have used for 3 years and not yet been caught.

  dazzling 19:20 19 Apr 2004

me too avg for 4 years never a problem.darren

  sattman 19:38 19 Apr 2004

Gandalf, could you explain your comment all AV's let through trojans and worms. Netsky is a worm and Norton is stopping it dead each time it hits my computor.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:51 19 Apr 2004

All AV's can let through worms and trojans ...not AV's let through all worms and trojans. ;-)))


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