How good are Laptops.

  prince midas 11:03 25 Oct 2008

My local dealer tells me that when I buy a new Laptop and switch from my Desktop I will find that on average the best Laptops are Sony followed by Toshiba and then HP.

He says expect a maximum of 3 years use and then scrap as no one can repair them.Is this correct.

  Halmer 12:04 25 Oct 2008

but it is usually more expensive because there is not a lot of room to get at parts without taking the thing apart. Smaller = More expensive in most IT arenas.

The three names that you have mentioned are all sound as far as I know. Personal preference prevails.

I'd say after 3 years you are on borrowed time with most PCs and laptops now if you are a demanding user. Occasional users can probably stretch usage to 5 years or more with a few upgrades (more memory in a PC for example).

Just my view obviously and there are people on here who know sheds more than I do.

  birdface 12:16 25 Oct 2008

having tried my Grand Daughters laptop.I will stick to Desktops.

  peter99co 12:23 25 Oct 2008

My granddaughter's IBM Thinkpad has XP and was purchased when it was first available. 2000/01?

Only had updates from Microsoft. No other software changes except AVG. Still runs on same battery.

  Belatucadrus 12:49 25 Oct 2008

click here worth a look.

  skidzy 13:52 25 Oct 2008

Not doubting the advice given above for one minute,however-in my opinion,you will get what you pay for.

In my household we have three laptops and four desktops ranging between xp and Vista.

First and not quite the oldest Laptop is an Advent (less than 2years old)...never again would i buy Advent.

Second is the Asus laptop from Ebuyer,excellent little machine once decluttered from preinstalled software (6 months old) .

Third is my Dell Inspiron 6400,excellent laptop running xp sp3.
By far the superior laptop (except for sp3 slowed it down a wee bit on startup).

My point is,do your research before buying a laptop and what you plan to do on the machine.
Look for the fastest machine you can afford and buy from a reputable dealer.

If you have ideas already;
Post the links here to the machines you like.
What are your usage plans of the machine,IE: gaming/Photo/Video editiing etc or just plain internet/email/word processing etc.

Finally your budget could play a major factor !

  prince midas 14:56 25 Oct 2008

Personaly Skidsky I do not consider a PC 2 year old is very old.
My desktop is 4 years old and gives me no problems and runs everything for 8 hours every day. I want a Laptop in addition for portability.

I will probably spend £800 and get a Sony Laptop,but what worries me is that I want a PC that will run for say 3 years without problems and can be repaired if needs be without taking out an expensive insuance monthly cover option.

  skidzy 16:52 25 Oct 2008

A decent laptop should run for around 3years maybe more,but then again...who knows !
Some are lucky with there hardware,some are not....basically the old saying,how long is a piece of string !

Problem with laptops,is they are expensive to repair.However Ram and Drives are easy enough to replace but if internal hardware like the motherboard goes...this can cost more than the machine is worth.

  grey george 21:05 25 Oct 2008

I like my Samsung and see no reason why it won't last for a good few years. Most software these days is fairly stable so manufactures just seem to add whistles and bells (also withdrawing support)to make you upgrade. I like a proper number pad so opt for a 17" screen, but for portability battery life is a major consideration.
Remember your stuck with the keyboard and the position of the touch-pad so if you are going to be using it for hours at a time, you really need to try before you buy.

  PalaeoBill 21:57 25 Oct 2008

I bought one of the first colour TFT laptops in 1996, a Toshiba Tecra. It had a Pentium and half a Gig of RAM and was running Windows 95 OSR2 and it was state of the art.
I updated it to Win 2K and stuck a bigger hard drive in it but finally replaced it when XP was released.
It was passed on to my nephew who used it throughout his degree and he put a PCMCIA USB 2 card in it so he could use memory sticks and a USB printer.
He passed it on to his sister who is still using it a college. Under Win 2k, Office 2000 runs just fine and more than fast enough for everthing she needs. She had added wireless capability to it and uses it on the internet quite happily with firefox.
3 years may make a laptop obsolete, but not dead and certainly not useless.

  woodchip 23:24 25 Oct 2008

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