How to get Windows 98 Second edition?

  Me&U22 09:39 30 May 2007

Hi all,

Recently i cannot loging to my PC it asks me that i most reinstall win 98 second edition, any advise that i can get it for free?

Thanks in advance.

  recap 09:48 30 May 2007

Can you boot into 'Safe Mode' and get in that way?

  Me&U22 09:56 30 May 2007

Hi Recap

No i cannot open safe mode either same message it paear on safe mode screen as well.

Any more advice?


  Eric10 10:11 30 May 2007

If your PC came with Windows 98 preinstalled then the installation files could already be on your hard drive. As you can't get into Safe Mode then chose "Command Prompt Only" instead. At the C:\> prompt type: CD Windows\Options\Cabs and press Enter. If this directory exists then the prompt should change to C:\windows\options\cabs>. Post back if you have this folder.

  Me&U22 10:22 30 May 2007

Hi Eric10,
I don't have CD i borrow it 4 years ago and evrything was in it. you probably right it maybe saved in the HD.

But the problems is that safe mode and the main screen are same, same message is appear.

I'll try tonight and see what well happend.

Thanks Eric10

  Me&U22 10:25 30 May 2007


what about MSVCRT.DLL by the time i login a message apear it says (it cannot find msvcrt.dll)

Any adivce on above mentioned?


  Eric10 10:47 30 May 2007

I think you have misunderstood the "CD" in my post. "CD" is the abreviated form of "CHDIR" which is the DOS command for "Change Directory". You could type either "CD windows\options\cabs" or "CHDIR windows\options\cabs" without the quotes and this will put you inside that directory if it exists. However, if you installed Windows yourself then the directory won't exist because it isn't created automatically but is usually put there by the person or company doing the installation. I should mention at this point that if you reinstall Win 98 you will need to have your product key so I hope you wrote it down and kept it safe.
You can download msvcrt.dll from click here but there could be other files missing or damaged too.

  Me&U22 10:57 30 May 2007

Thanks for replaying Eric10,

It sound great what you just mentioned above the company has installed all the cd into pc. which i have chance to try it.

About msvcrt.dll

i've already saved msvcrt.dll in floppy and then i inserted into floppy disk. it has copied one file, but the pc still is same.

To be honest i'm compeletly lost on this.


  Me&U22 20:06 30 May 2007

Hi Eric,
The only thing that i can tell you is that, Thank you Thank you and Thank yoy Star Eric. you solved my problem.

like you said i did that procsess and it show the folder you mentioned which is C:\windows\options\cabs>. and then i added setup and the windows started.

and thanks for evrybody els, your stars guys.

  woodchip 20:20 30 May 2007

To save any more posts, Go hear and Buy Win98se CD £24 including post click here

Then set BIOS to boot from the CD and start computer with the CD in the Drive. It will overwrite 98se and leave all you files and programs intact

  sunny staines 21:24 30 May 2007

goto the click here then register once joined ask if anyone has a copy they not longer use they can supply. you will be surprised with the response.

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