How to get VPN services on a Smart TV

  mistajohn 20:39 18 Mar 2018

Hi, I have just purchased a Samsung Smart TV. Living outside the UK, I would like to watch BBC iPlayer. I have read it's possible to share a VPN, e.g. between an Ipad and the Smart TV. I have put the Smart TV on my Home network and I have the NordVPN app on my ipad. Any advice on next steps would be appreciated. Thanks.

  john bunyan 21:32 18 Mar 2018

Not sure if this helps?


  john bunyan 21:34 18 Mar 2018

Ps Do you have a pc?

  mistajohn 08:11 19 Mar 2018

John, I do have a PC, more than one. Currently I have an old laptop with an HDMI cable to a non-smart TV. I was hoping to simplify life by buying a smart tv. It looks like I cannot.

  difarn 12:05 19 Mar 2018

Would it be possible to use screen mirroring using this app from the Apple Store if you can get VPN ok on you ipad.

click here

  martd7 12:35 19 Mar 2018

Best to ask for advice,ask the VPN provider Nord,I read their customer service is excellent

  jameelriaz 08:46 27 Jul 2018

Hi, i think that VPN service can be used on a smart tv, i thnk that this might help you.

Go to Setup then Basic Setup. From Connection Type drop-down menu select PPTP. Enter the VPN server address in Gateway (PPTP Server) field. Enter the username and password. Make sure to enable Use DHCP. Check if your VPN providers requires MTU settings from Optional Settings.

  john bunyan 09:28 27 Jul 2018

Have a read of this

VPN and iPlayer

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