How to get Voice working on MSN 6

  [DELETED] 02:41 09 Aug 2003

On 5 family computers, all running Windows XP & all have upgraded to MSN Messenger6. Now no one can have a voice conversation at all. All components appear to work when you do a sound test. But when you invite a voice link, this fails to happen. WHY IS THIS SO? It once worked on ....Windows messenger 4.7 I think it was. Not totally sure on that. Now 5 Aussies have " lost their voices" a small pun. You would expect no problems with XP & MSN messenger 6. Any Ideas. Aussiebikerider

  Audeal 14:02 09 Aug 2003


  [DELETED] 17:26 09 Aug 2003

Can`t help in resolving your problem, but I would suggest trying Yahoo messenger.

I used to have voice conversations using version 4.x of MS messenger, but on recommendation I went to Yahoo. So much better, that annoying echo was virtually eliminated. All your contacts would need a Yahoo account, and install Yahoo messenger, - (free).
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  Audeal 10:06 10 Aug 2003

As with aussiebikerider I am also looking for a cure for this problem, as I can't talk to my brother in Australia. We can see each other but not talk. I suspect this is a software problem and not a system problem. Can anyone help us with a fix or any advice.

As regards to changing to Yahoo Messenger, We did this last week and managed to talk, but I would still prefer to use MSN Messenger as the whole family is using it to type messeges . Any help would be greatfuly received.

  Audeal 16:16 10 Aug 2003


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