How to get video recordings on my laptop? Advice

  Bunge 23:38 14 Jan 2004

Just purchased a Panasonic Digital Camcorder (DVS65) and have been trying to transfer images to my laptop. I have read the instructions and they don't seem to help me. How can I best get the images onto my PC?
I have attempted using the USB connection wire supplied and unfortunately the image is appearing jerky. I was epecting to view images as clear as the playback on the camcorder and control over editing.
I used the software on the laptop - Windows Movie Maker.
Can anyone clarify what I should be expecting to see on my pc?
p.s. My knowledge of technical jargon is limited. However I would really appreciate some help.

  christmascracker 01:21 15 Jan 2004
  Chegs ® 01:25 15 Jan 2004

Windows Movie Maker isn't really much cop at vid edits,but if its all you have....

The playback on the puter is regulated by the spec of the puters hardware.A laptop isn't likely to have a higher spec graphics card(if one is fitted at all)Chances are,its onboard graphics,and this shares memory with the puter,so increasing the amount of RAM fitted can sometimes be enough to get watchable smooth vid playback,CPU speeds can also be a factor.

  andrew-216448 07:33 15 Jan 2004

i have the same model as ur digicam. update your moviemaker to moviemaker 2. u should use the firewire connection for this task so that u could capture ur film to pc. the usb connection really does give jerky capture. i do hope that ur laptop has a firewireport, otherwise u should get a firewire pcmcia card adaptor. i am also using my laptop for this purpose with an onborad graphics, but i have smooth video capture. hope this helped.

  keenan 08:29 15 Jan 2004

click here for a high speed usb2card,or firewire click here

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