How to Get Rid of Counterfeit Nero Product Key

  Diemmess 18:15 19 Dec 2011

If StartSmart won't play and you have uninstalled every scrap you can.

Edit the Registry. Not hard, just pay attention and have patience.

Go to Start> Run> ( type regedit )and press Enter

Go to Edit, and select Find Next (F3) and Enter. In the box Find What, type nero and press Enter.

Now you can go through a routine. You press F3 and depending how far in a delay of very lttle or up to 10 or 20 seconds. there will be a reference to Nero and all you do is press Delete and Enter........ Then F3 again and so on. Deletions are permanent so if in doubt ignore it, press F3 and go on to the next. Just how many deletions will be needed is any one's guess but be prepared for 20 at very least.

If you get bored or fed up you can always cancel regedit, keeping the changes you made and return later. In fact you may not clear every reference first time through, but a repeat of the same search will be very fast.

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