How to get my Centrino Laptop to wirelessly access

  Ben Chuud 11:37 15 Aug 2004

I have a desktop running Windows XP Home edition which is connected to the internet (broadband connection)using a Linksys ADSL (Model WAG54G) modem router. I also have a Centrino Laptop (running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2) which I want to use to connect to the Internet .
How do I share the internet connection and get my Laptop to wirelessly connect to the internet.

What configuration I need to do on my desktop and Laptop. Please assume I am an idiot in these things and would appreciate if I be told ALL the steps I need carrying out to achieve my goal.

I appreciate all advise and thank you for taking the time in answering my query.

  mikef. 12:53 15 Aug 2004

On your desktop open the start button my network places and from the menu on the left set up home or small office network and then follow the instructions, including make a disc, if your laptop hasn't got a floppy player make the floppy disc, copy to hard drive and then to CD to use, as long as you follow the instructions exactly you should have no problems. If you do just come back here.

  Brian-336451 13:33 15 Aug 2004

Yep, if you do as Mikef suggests, one of the beauties of XP is that it does the set up itself.

The only thing I did with my router was to change the default radio channel and a WEP (wireless equivalent protocol) basically a digital 'combination lock' - apparently not the most secure means but if anyone is trying to hack me, then they really are sad.

Good luck it's worth it. By the way, I've also used the Intel Proset instead of windows to handle the wireless connection, on my set up Windows often seemed to drop the connection for no apparent reason whereas I don't have the same problem with ProSet (which should come with your Centrino, it did with mine and my wifes [from different manufacturers but both Centrinos]).

  Ben Chuud 08:19 16 Aug 2004

Mikef, I have done what you suggested re creating a home network and it is painless as you described, however my laptop is unable to locate or find the internet connection I have on the desktop. Linksys WAG54G is an ADSL Modem/Router/Access Point all rolled in one.. Is there anyone who has this Accesspoint (Linksys WAG54G) which is being used with a desktop and a Centrino Laptop. Please HELP .. Thanks

  Brian-336451 16:16 16 Aug 2004

This sounds as simple as they're on different channels.

My router defaulted to Channel 11, whilst my laptop was on Channel 6 (which is why I suggested ProSet as it's a doddle to change channels).

In the absence of a Linksys owner - this might help.

  Ben Chuud 18:59 16 Aug 2004

How do I change Channels on my laptop and what shud the channel be ??? Your response/advise much appreciated.. Thanks

  Brian-336451 05:04 17 Aug 2004

I know I keep banging on about it but the program that came with my Centrino and my wife's (from different OEMs) contained a drivers cd.

On this CD under INTEL_Calexico directory was an installation for a wireless driver called Intel Proset. There is a directory for the driver and another for the utility.

When you install this, one of the setup windows tells you which of the channels the wireless adapter is receiving on - and it's a simple matter of changing to what you want.

Now your wireless router should have a setup screen too (mine is accessed by typing a Mac address into Internet Explorer using the LAN ie the computer with the wired connection to the router, makes sense because if you can't log on wirelessly how can you change anything)

In that set up (instructions should either come on the CD or display in IE), you can dictate which channel to use (I think there are 12 but not sure). There is no 'correct' channel, the facitlity is there in case your neighbour is using the same channel, so you switch - a bit like wireless domestic phones.

As soon as I changed my laptop to the same channel as the router - hey presto the whole shebang burst into life and then you are connected any time you want.

I know its frustrating, but it IS worth sticking with. It's lovely to sit in the living room with life going on around you than sit 'locked away' in a computer room etc.

Good luck, by the way I found doing a screen print of the relevant pages useful (Paint shop pro or similar), 'cos it don't half seem confusing when you start with all the variables.

I found the key to be let the system choose its defaults, all I changed was the WEP (a sort of low grade combination used for logging into YOUR network - that has to be the same on each 'puter and in the setup of all adapters it allows you to type it in - usually only once) and the channel.

My WEP is a 10 digit code which you do need to keep a copy of. There are both more secure and less secure options available, the 10 digit one is sort of 'medium security' level.

Hope that helps.

  [DELETED] 07:47 17 Aug 2004

Wireless broadcast needs to be enabled on the Access Point/Router. Wireless Networking also needs to be enabled on the laptop. Once I did the latter with my wifes Centrino laptop (a Dell) the connection icon in the system tray (sorry - notification area as it is now!) turned green.

  Ben Chuud 14:45 17 Aug 2004


How do I enable it on the AP/Router and Laptop
Pls help

  Ben Chuud 14:48 17 Aug 2004


I am a novice in this things, If you could give me all the steps i need to do, I would be most grateful .. Thanks

  [DELETED] 13:41 18 Aug 2004

On the laptop: Start - Settings - Control Panel - Network Connections There should be an entry for Wireless Network Connection, the status will be shown as either enabled or disabled. If disabled, right click on it and then click on "enable"

Enable wireless broadcasting on the router/access point: Log in to the router as per the instructions that came with it. It is an IP address you enter into an Internet Explorer address bar (it may be - look in the instruction booklet it will be listed) Type in the id and password (again, in your instruction booklet or manual, but often admin and passwoed respectively) There will be a "wireless settings" section somewhere (my kit is netgear not Linksys - so don't know precise set up your end). Within that oe within a section called advanced wireless settings will be an option to "enable wireless router radio" or similar. Tick to enable it. There will also be an option to " enable SSID broadcast" I would disable this.

Post back once you have wireless enabled on both laptop and router/access point with an update on the situation.

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