How to get more than 2hrs of film on a DVD

  computernerdiamnot 22:53 16 Apr 2004

Hi folks
My problem is this, i have bought some DVD rw discs and i wanted to copy a film i have onto the disc but the film is 2hrs 38min long is there discs that hold more than 4.7GB also the discs says you can get 4hrs using long play i am confused can anyone shed me som light. I am not pirating or doing anything illegal by the way this is for my own use.

  dazzling (work) 23:02 16 Apr 2004

doesnt matter if its for your own use its still illegal if its a commercially produced disk.any way that aside you need a program which will compress it (reduces quality) but you wont notice unless it goes lower than 60% of origional.several ofthese about dvd shrink (free) pinnacle instant copy,clone dvd ,dvd copy x.take your pick. click here has guides on how to use most of them and links to sites for downloads etc.darren

  computernerdiamnot 23:27 16 Apr 2004

I always thought that if you made back up copies for your qwn it was not illegal, anyway will try the links and the reason i want to copy is That i have a collectors Dvd and i dont want to ruin or scratch it.

  dazzling (work) 23:59 16 Apr 2004

i know that in america it is legal to make backup copies of software but not sure about anything else if you search this forum there are hundreds of hotly debated threads on copywright.f.e ussually has a definitive answer needless to say its a bit like making a tape of a cd for the car everybody does it but are probably unaware its illegal the record companies all know it happens but dont seem to do anything about it.if you were knocking hundreds of them out at the boot fair though they would take more notice and the latest mp3 thing just adds fuel to the the end of the day its your choice but if you get caught you have to face the sure non of us are squeeky clean and would imagine every case is treat sensibly on its merits.darren

  computernerdiamnot 00:26 17 Apr 2004

i found out that taping of the tv is illegal but we make video recorders and even publish the codes in tv mags to make it more easier to tape a programme or film..............where does it begin and end.

  Shanks69 00:29 17 Apr 2004

It ends with legal case law in the UK and I dont believe there's any yet where someone's been on the wrong end of a verdict for backing up their purchased movie.

  SirGalahad2004 01:02 17 Apr 2004

try lookingclick here
at this link

  computernerdiamnot 02:00 17 Apr 2004

Very good link thank you very much everyone.

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