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how to get itunes music library onto IPOD?

  Daisy22 13:54 17 Oct 2014

It seems that the music I am trying to transfer from laptop itunes to IPOD is all messed up.

It seems that it doesn't take the complete folder, just the odd track or two. I do have some albums on the IPOD but from all the music i've got on CDs that I'm trying to copy over to IPOD just isn't working.

Should I restore the IPOD to factory settings and try again? All my music is backed up so it doesn't matter but I'm just wondering if this will cure the problem.

I've tried to find the answer on the apple help but i'm not very techy so don't understand.

  john bunyan 15:05 17 Oct 2014

I assume you have the latest iTunes on your laptop? In "Music" you can import a CD, and by "adding files or folders to the library" you can import from many sources, Depending on the memory of your iPod you can then "synch" them all, or make a playlist (which you can change) of the songs you want to put on the iPod. I set iTunes to manually synch. Tis is a big subject so maybe you could be a little more specific in what you want to do. What operating system? What iPod?

  Daisy22 11:17 20 Oct 2014

Thanks, I understand all that and that is exactly what I've been trying to do.

To add, windows 7 running on laptop and I have the latest version of itunes 12.0.1.

Under playlists, on the left hand side I have MUSIC, then a folder with one of my albums, then it seems a sub folder with another album. Further down the list on the left hand side the icon changes with several albums all listed. Then further down the list the icon changes again and shows all the other albums.

Maybe it's a problem with the way I've set the albums up but most of the albums were created as "smart playlist".

I tunes used to be so easy, now I find it complicated for my techy brain.

  john bunyan 12:16 20 Oct 2014

I will come back to you. I installed version 12 and quickly reverted to version 11 as I hated the loss of the sidebar etc.

  BRYNIT 13:14 20 Oct 2014

Instructions on How to put music on an iPod CLICK HERE

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