How to get HDD's displayed on the taskbar in alphabetical order?

  m800afc 04:11 18 Dec 2012

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I have a large number of hard drives on my system. How can I get the taskbar to display them in alphabetical order? Some are internal drives, and some external. The external drives are not always powered up so the order will change depending on whether the externals are powered up or not.

All of the articles I have found on t'interweb talk about the start menu order which is not what I want.

Thanks a lot.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:10 18 Dec 2012

With all plugged in assign each a drive letter of your choice using Disk management (leaving gaps if necessary for card reader slots).

Next time you reboot or plug in a drive it should keep the same drive letter. (USB drives must always be plugged into the same slot as when the drive letter was assigned.

I have a drive I have assigned as P: (Verbatim)

Internal drives C - H with G as DVD drive with even without drives I J K l M switch on if I power up the Verbatim drive it will always be assigned the letter P

  m800afc 20:25 25 Dec 2012


  BRYNIT 23:42 25 Dec 2012

If you right click on the task bar/Toolbars/new Toolbar sellect computer, on the taskbar you will find Computer, click on the >> and you will have a list of drives.

Or you could try CLICK HERE

  lotvic 00:09 26 Dec 2012

BRYNIT, Thanks for that (task bar/Toolbars/new Toolbar select computer.. etc), have just done it on my XP pc, very useful.

  Aitchbee 17:26 26 Dec 2012

Thanks, also, for that great toolbar tip, BRYNIT.

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