How to get a good reception/signal on a satnav?

  geek84 16:38 20 Jul 2014

Hi Folks

I have a Satnav (TomTom One) which is about 7 years old. Today, I went to see my friend, by car, who has just bought a new house, so I thought it would be best if I follow the directions of the satnav.

However, I lost the signal for the Satnav shortly after leaving home and so had to rely on my smart phone for directions to my friend's house. I used my A to Z in order to get back home, since I could not get any signal on the way back.

What is the best way to ensure that my Satnav always gets a good signal?

Thank You.

  Ian in Northampton 17:33 20 Jul 2014

I'm not sure if it works with the TomTom One, but a fix/patch was released to enable the TomTom to get a fix on a satellite much faster from boot up. That said, I doubt it will help your problem. As Woolwell says, the only way to maximise ge chances of getting a good satellite signal are outdoors (ora t least, not in a house/building) and on a sunny day. But at 7yo, you're lucky it's still working. I had to dig an old One of mine out the other day because my wife had taken hers, and it spent an entire journey telling me to go left - when I knew I needed to go right. I think I'll bin it: a misleading satnav is actually worse than no satnav at all.

  wee eddie 17:36 20 Jul 2014

Tom Tom 1 was designed before the current windscreen technology became commonplace.

You will need to buy it an aerial for use in most modern cars. These aerials consist of a thin wire with a 50p size pad at one end. Not expensive.

  spuds 18:16 20 Jul 2014

For aerials look on Ebay, there is usually a good selection, and much cheaper that manufacturer prices.

Perhaps a little hint before travelling from home. Connect to one of the breakdown services, they usually have free route planner downloads to and from the journey you want, and possibly speed camera or 'black-spot' locations en-route!.

  wee eddie 18:49 20 Jul 2014

I was told that the change in technology was a new type of anti shattering ingredient that made the screen partially translucent to the gismo that read the sattiliite positions

  wee eddie 18:51 20 Jul 2014

Newer models have not been affected

  alanrwood 09:20 21 Jul 2014

Still using my TT One, 2nd edition, with no problems. I changed the battery a couple of years ago and the maps get updates every 3 months. Unfortunately just lately I find it difficult to read as it is a bit too small in screen size and eyes deteriorating with age so just bought a TT Go6000 with a 6 inch screen. Much easier to see but does not have half the facilities of the older TTs. ie back up to computer, Points of interest.

  audeal 10:25 21 Jul 2014

I purchased a Tom Tom XXL las year and it does not have an aerial socket, I wish it had as I have an aerial which I used to hang out of the window with my last Sat Nav which enabled me to set my rought up indoors. What a shame they have done away wit it.

  alanrwood 22:38 21 Jul 2014

Just for clarity you can get European maps on a TT One. They use a cut down version. It has all the same roads but not as much of the other stuff like different colours for the fields etc. I have it on mine. It uses a 2GB memory card and the Europe map is about 1.2GB so plenty of room left. On the Go 710 which also has a max of a 2GB card the maps are split into Map Zones as it also is now too big to fit the more detailed map on the 2GB card.

Yes the antenna socket has also disappeared from the latest Go6000. A case of minimising cost and maximising profit I would think.

  spuds 11:00 26 Jul 2014

"but it does bring into question the sensitivity of the Tom Tom brand."

I suppose all brands suffer from one problem or another, including sending drivers along a wrong route, so while these devices are good, they are still not 100% and perhaps some people rely on them far to much?.

I have a very old Navman F20, which still serves it purpose today, even though it does now require a new battery, possibly due to previous limited use and charging?.

Regarding the TomTom range, when our local police force bulk purchased a particular model, it was surprising the number that had to be replaced after a short period, due to some fault or another. Haven't heard anything of late, so I guess all is right now?.

  rdave13 16:23 26 Jul 2014

I also have the ONE New edition and works ok. Takes a few seconds to find the Satellites though. I'm thinking of getting a newer model and keeping the old one in the car for back-up. Halfords has a deal on a Garmin, at the moment, with life time updates for the maps.

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