How to get this effect....

  gplatt2000 19:03 21 Sep 2003

Sorry about the vaugue title, but wasnt sure how to describe 'this effect'. Basically I would like to know how to get the feature used in this (click here) website, where orange text appears when the mouse hovers over one of the grey items inn the list on the left. Any help much appreciated, thanks a lot


  Forum Editor 19:30 21 Sep 2003

a 'mouseover' and your web design software will almost certainly do it for you. Tell me what you use, and I'll see if I can point you in the right direction.

When you see something on a web page that you want to know more about, click on the 'view' menu in Internet Explorer and select 'source'.

A new notepad window will appear, and in it will be all the HTML (and other) code that makes up the page. You might not understand it all, but it may provide a useful pointer - try it on the page in your link. Can you see the 'onMouseOver' references?

  gplatt2000 19:55 21 Sep 2003

Thanks a lot for the help. I am using Dreamweaver (MX). IM looksng now for the 'mouseover' thing. Thanks again, Gavin

  Forum Editor 22:10 21 Sep 2003

the effect is called a rollover.

You can create a rollover for graphical links, or for a navigation bar, which is slightly more involved. You'll find a full explanation of how do do both in the DreamWeaver help files.

  gplatt2000 16:46 22 Sep 2003

Thanks again. I have used rollover before to create images which change when 'rolled over'. (I know I could use this to do the 'lightup' links in the nav bar at the top of the page). But how do I use 'rollover' to make more text appear to the side of the original text, as with the list of items on the page, which then make a descriptiion appear to the right of them? Is this just 2 images as per usual, but the second one is wider (or first one just has blank space), and has the description in the previously blank space? Thanks again for your help

  gplatt2000 16:48 22 Sep 2003

I have also noticed that these items in the list load extremely quickly - surely this is too quick for them to be image files? Thanks once more, Gavin

  powertool 20:43 22 Sep 2003

if you check the code you will see that the effect is done through a javascript. You could copy the script [be nice and ask first though!] and then change the variables to find out how to get it to do what you want for you. Start off by just changing the menu choices, then the links.

  gplatt2000 21:22 22 Sep 2003

OK, will give that a go. Thanks a lot. Is there no easy way of cheating and letting the software do it for me ?? :D Thanks again, Gavin

  wiz33 07:50 25 Sep 2003

why not try this: click here

good luck


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