How to get a copy of W7 or W8

  johndrew 14:07 12 Mar 2015

There have been a number of questions over the years from those who bought a laptop or PC with the OS pre-installed and no system disk.

This article may be of help to anyone who has such a W7 or W8 installation; there is also some help for those running Vista as there are sources provided for that system software.

Hope this helps.

  Procrastinus 21:54 12 Mar 2015

Thank you johndrew.

A very useful article - bookmarked.

  johndrew 18:54 13 Mar 2015

My pleasure.

  Newuser4165 10:52 15 Mar 2015


You need to change the Product Key to the Key on the printed label not the one in the preinstalled version.

  robin_x 15:22 15 Mar 2015

That particular one gives me missing media driver error (in VMware) and no idea what drivers it's after.

I don't need it. I was just having a looksee recently.


The site is worth a shufti tho'. Also John's original link sub-links of sub-links.

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