How to get back my HDD free space after defragment

  RyannH 19:33 05 Apr 2017

Hi guys!

Yesterday, I decided to perform a defragment on my older laptop (Windows 8.1 64-bit, HDD of 650GB) as I saw with Defraggler my HDD was 20% fragmented with a free space of 206,2GB (I noted it).

After 30 min, after I clicked ''Defrag'', it still was on 1% so I thought maybe my antivirus was interfering. I stopped the defragmentation, disabled my antivirus and performed a boot time defrag first (don't ask me why, I thought it was smarter to do that first) without turning hibernation off with cmd. After the boot time defrag I shut down my pc and started it up again (As I thought the defragmentation would go faster if I do a restart first). When I started Defraggler again it showed me that I had 199,6GB of free space left and my HDD was 22% fragmented, I thought it would maybe resolve itself after a full defragmentation. It took around 12 hours.

After this I restarted and checked my free storage, it was around 199,3GB (forgot to note the exact number). I read that I had to disable hibernation to defrag pagefile.sys etc. so I did and performed a boot time defrag again. I searched the internet about the 'problem' I have and came across a topic from the Piriform forum, I followed these 'steps' (stop VSS when defragmenting NTFS volume) and performed a defrag again (0% fragmentation but 108 files fragmented). I was looking at the screen and while the defragmenting was going on my free space kept decreasing.

Now, around 9 hours later the defragmentation has finished and I have 193,8 GB of free space left. I already tried deleting the 'shadow copies', but I had none (I will make a restore point after I find out how to fix this 'problem'). I also have restarted my laptop several times and ran CCleaner.

My question is, how can I 'get back' my free space? And why did defragging result in decreasing my free space from 206,2GB to 193,8GB?

I hope that someone can help me with this . Thanks in advance!

  MJS WARLORD 21:13 05 Apr 2017

I had a similar problem to this many years ago and loss of hd space was caused by 2 things. My defrag was not actually taking the long time i though it was. It could not get going properly because it got stuck in a mini loop.This in turn caused system restore to keep setting a restore point and as you know every restore point takes a chunk of your hd space. I had no idea this was happening until i got a short of memory report.

You have 2 options , set a new restore point and delete all others if this does not get your memory back i think the only option would be to do a full system reboot to factory settings. Save all the data such as docs,pics and other irems for later use. You probably dont want to do a full reset but i think you might not have an option.

  RyannH 21:24 05 Apr 2017

@MJS WARLORD, as I said in my post, I already tried deleting the 'shadow copies' but I had none (not a single restore point). I just made one, which is the only one in the list, also CCleaner displays only one restore point.

Do you really think the only thing I can do is a reset? I would much rather 'forget' about the 13GB lost free space instead of putting so much time in setting my laptop up again...

Thanks a lot for your reply and for trying to help anyway!

I'm still hoping that someone can be my hero and 'solve' this mystery for me :)

  MJS WARLORD 21:55 05 Apr 2017

I can recommend another good site you could post the problem on , its called toms hardware but you will have to set up an account , that's no big deal .

to save you re typing your question left drag your question on here to highlight it then right click to copy then right click again to paste it into the empty question box. I cant remember if they do auto response to emails.

  RyannH 22:20 05 Apr 2017

@MJS WARLORD, Ah thanks for the suggestion! I discovered that I already had an account on that site. The link to the topic: click here a lot again :)!


  RyannH 22:21 05 Apr 2017

I have no idea how that comment got screwed... Anyway, I will let this topic stay open in case anyone has a suggestion here

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