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How to get Android mobile app on android tablet?

  Jess Knapman 10:01 12 Aug 2018

Hi I want to get the Starling Bank android app on my Samsung tab s2 but play store says my device is incompatible with the version. Is there an app I can get for my tablet that will allow me to get mobile only apps? Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:16 12 Aug 2018

its probably only incompatible because your tablet is running an older version of android

  Jess Knapman 11:39 12 Aug 2018

Ok, thanks. My phone is android 8 software whereas my tablet is 7 and there are no recent updates and I only updated tablet the other day. I suppose I'll have to wait for the next update.

  Guest 1234512757 10:50 13 Aug 2018

you should update your tablet

  AshleyN 10:50 14 Aug 2018

Hi What about downloading an APk file

  jonnygomes 10:48 10 Dec 2018

I can't update the app properly. Actually, I was facing Asus laptop battery replacement issue after that I am facing this issue. Can anyone help me to solve it?

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  amyleah 13:08 10 Dec 2018

Which Android OS are you running on your tablet?

  wee eddie 12:29 03 Jan 2019

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