How to get album cover when ripping CDs?

  stlucia2 20:17 11 Aug 2012

I rip my CDs to use on my Android phone, using Windows Media Player. Nice and quick, and straightforward.

But when a CD is ripping, WMP usually displays the album cover near the top left of the screen. The Android music player on my phone has a large blank space on the screen above the song and artist details when it's playing tracks, which looks like it should be for displaying the album cover.

Can I get the album cover picture into my phone, please? If so, how?

  mole1944 20:27 11 Aug 2012

copy and paste from Amazon,sorted.

  Woolwell 21:31 11 Aug 2012

I get the album cover on my android from ripped CD's (WMP ripping). Which phone is it and how are transferring the music to the phone?

  stlucia2 08:17 12 Aug 2012

Woolwell, my phone is HTC Desire, and I transfer the MP3 files by connecting it to my PC as an external drive and dragging & dropping the relevant files. But when I've done the ripping with WMP, I only see MP3 files on my PC, with no graphics file for the cover. Should there be a separate one (as implied by mole1944's reply), or is the info included within the MP3 files themselves?

mole1944, if I get graphics files of the covers off the internet, how does my music player link them to the track that's playing?

  Woolwell 08:48 12 Aug 2012

I have a Samsung and do not use drag and drop but Kies to transfer music. Not sure about the HTC.

  Woolwell 14:19 12 Aug 2012

2 things to try:

Use HTC Sync Manager or

Connect your phone as an external drive, see if it is recognised by Windows Media Player and then sync music using WMP.

  stlucia2 08:25 13 Aug 2012

HTC Sync only syncs with Outlook. But I've got no problem getting the music files (.mp3) across to the phone -- my question really is, where is the album cover data? Should it be a separate file, or is the information embedded in the .mp3 files?

  Woolwell 10:19 13 Aug 2012

HTC Sync doesn't only sync with Outlook. HTC Sync FAQ's

  Woolwell 10:23 13 Aug 2012

As far as I am aware the album cover should be embedded in the MP3 file.

  stlucia2 11:36 13 Aug 2012

The version of HTC Sync that works with my phone has less features than the one described in your link, Woolwell. Even though it was automatically updated not so long ago, it only gives me the option to sync "Windows Address Book (Outlook Express)", and certainly no option to hold down the Ctrl key and select files from anywhere on my PC, or the ability to detect when there's a CD in my PC's drive.

So, if the cover artwork is embedded in the .mp3 files, it must be a matter of one of the settings on my player to view them -- or maybe it's simply that that option's not available with Songbird.

  stlucia2 11:46 13 Aug 2012

P.S. I've just remembered, when I updated HTC Sync a while back, I had to go back to an old version because the current version is not compatible with my "old" Desire phone :-( So that's why I'm missing the features.

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