How to further promote our top ranking page

  edenworkshops 11:20 29 Apr 2014


We have a web page that is very important to us. I ranks no 1 on google.

I want to promote this page further, but have absolutely no idea of where to start, so any opinions would be valued.

Thank you


  lotvic 22:27 29 Apr 2014

I found this page full of tips 'Promoting your web page' on click here

  wee eddie 19:16 05 May 2014

Is it possible that an extension of the Product Range might attract more attention

  wee eddie 13:25 06 May 2014

I have been thinking on this for a while and you have a problem.

Any improvement of the response to your Page will still leave it Ranking as Number 1. Maybe you should concentrate on maximising the benefits that you already have.

I can remember when my Restaurant first opened, and for most of that year, Saturday nights were fully booked up for about 6 to 8 weeks in advance.

So we opened a Secondary Dining Room, to allow us to satisfy the demand. Unfortunately, that Dining Room did not have the ambiance of the original Stables and having regularly filled it for a couple of months, people , when being told that we could only offer the secondary Dining Room, would go elsewhere.

As with many businesses, in that field, our day in the sun was restricted to eighteen months, or so, and others stepped up to the plate. Our day as "Flavour of the month" was over. We closed the subsidiary Dining Room and got on with the market that we could fully satisfy.

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