How frequently can I upgrade

  wee eddie 08:39 24 Apr 2012

I am a Sole Trader and really only use my PC for Accounting and Word Processing(for the purposes of the Inland Revenue, anyway).

Last year I upgraded the old PC Base Unit to Windows 7 64bit, with extra RAM and it works well, albeit somewhat slowly. Could just add a new Graphics Card, of course, but the Processor is 4 years old.

I've had quite a good year. So ~~~ How soon does anyone think that I can replace it with a new "all singing and dancing model", through the Books, as it were?

  wiz-king 18:12 24 Apr 2012

It depends how you write down your capital assets, we write of our PC's over 5 years but if they die before that we replace them anyway. I dont think they would moan if you used three years for IT equipment.

  wee eddie 11:06 11 May 2012

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  aaroncampbell 08:16 18 Jun 2012


There could be many reasons to slow your PC Speed. The speed of PC varies on operating system as well. Try out changing another lower version Operating systems viz. Windows XP/Vista or try out some Preliminary Maintenance methods, as cleaning your cache memory & browsing history, Disk cleanup, etc.

  wee eddie 10:36 19 Jun 2012

Sorry "aaron" I must have phrased it badly.

This is an Accountancy Question, about the frequency of Upgrades, by a Single Trader, that the Inland Revenue will accept as reasonable.

  Terry Brown 18:12 02 Jul 2012

For most Tax purposes,HMRC will allow you a percentage of the original cost to be written off each year on "Capital" (Essential Equipment) every year.

However if you upgrade it during that period the original tax deductable price will NOT be any different to the original.

You may be better off buying a new piece of IT than upgrading the old one.

I suggest you look at the link and if in doubt contact your local Tax office.


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