how to format laptop

  SteevScotland 01:22 18 Nov 2004

I am trying to reformat my laptop computer. It is a Toshiba protégé R100. It does not have an internal cdrom or floppy drive. I have an external usb cdrom and floppy drives. I am unable too boot from the cdrom drive as it is usb. I need to boot from the drive to reinstall windows etc. is there anyway to achieve this using a floppy boot disk. I would have to boot from the manufacturers recovery CD as thats where window XP and all the drivers are.

Cheers S

  jack 08:53 18 Nov 2004

I guess you are stuck on this one.
The drive obviously was pre-loaded in manufacture.

Depending on you personal circs re using small tools
and contacts with similar machines etc.,
The drive could be taken out and put into another machine with CD and floppy built in.
Toshiba drives live under the battery and slimply held in place in a cage with a screwed lock.
Undo the lock and slide it back from the socket.

  Technotiger 12:54 18 Nov 2004

Hi, I formatted a friends laptop (and I am not an expert) using Fdisk - available free here click here

  SteevScotland 01:23 19 Nov 2004

I mite be able to get my hands on a friends pc card floppy and cdrom drives would this help?

Cheers S

  SteevScotland 20:48 25 Nov 2004

OK maybe i should just give up but i just found out my laptop can network boot. would i be able to boot it over my network and install windows from another PC?

Cheers S

  Diodorus Siculus 20:56 25 Nov 2004

I got around this some years ago by partitioning the hdd and then copying the CD to the D drive. Then boot with a bootable floppy and install windows from the D drive.

  SteevScotland 21:14 25 Nov 2004

the only floppy drive i can get my hands on is usb i think

Cheers S

  SteevScotland 21:16 25 Nov 2004

forgot to add the d drive is partitioned. i wonder if i could copy the cd to D drive and tell the bios to boot from there?

Cheers S

  SteevScotland 00:35 03 Dec 2004


  SteevScotland 00:35 03 Dec 2004


  TomJerry 01:31 03 Dec 2004

normally, you can boot it up from usb floppy drive. My laptop and desktop do this. One of my desktop can even boot from usb memory drive.

If they supply a recovery CD, it maybe possible to boot from usb CD-ROM as well. Just get into bios and dig aroud, you may find solution yourself.

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