How to format a HD via MS-Dos Boot Disk

  freaky 21:23 20 Mar 2008

My other PC's HD is corrupted, and I want to reinstall XP Home from the CD-Rom. I tried doing a repair but in the process Windows requested an Acronis file: timntr_2k.sys I did a search on this PC which also has Acronis but could not find the file. Without this file the repair cannot proceed.

My only alternative is to format the HD and do a new install from the XP Home CD. If I start the problematc PC via the MS-Dos Boot Disk what are the commands at the A/: prompt to do this.

Would happen at Easter !!!

  Totally-braindead 21:36 20 Mar 2008

You could just boot from the XP disk and choose a clean install and format from there.

If you want to do it from the floppy I think you key in


and then when it asks if you want to go ahead you press Y for yes.

  TopCat® 21:51 20 Mar 2008

According to Acronis the file should be in WINDOWS\system32\drivers. click here

This Microsoft MVP says: 'Generally, unless something is going wrong with the setup, the only files it would ask for are from third-party applications. The Acronis files, and sometimes modem drivers or video drivers, are examples.

If you can skip loading these files, you should do so. Just ignore those files during setup and re-install any non-working drivers or applications afterward.' click here

  DieSse 22:20 20 Mar 2008

If the drive was setup with NTFS file system, you can't format it from MS-DOS anyway.

As T-b says - you can partition (if you wish), and reformat, directly from the XP CD.

  MAJ 23:19 20 Mar 2008

"If the drive was setup with NTFS file system, you can't format it from MS-DOS anyway."

You can using a Windows floppy bootdisk, just choose the option to delete a non-dos partition, first.

  Devil Fish 23:45 20 Mar 2008

to format using a dos

boot machine with disk inserted and drive used as first boot device

at prompt (A:\) type fdisk as MAJ has stated select delete partition then delete non dos partition

exit out reboot fdisk again create primary partition and set as active

reboot again at prompt type format C:\ (note space between format and C:\) this will then initiate the format process

  DieSse 00:07 21 Mar 2008

The whole point is - not to format with FAT32 from a floppy - format it with NTFS from the XP CD.

If you try and use an old DOS floppy to format with a modern drive, there's every chance it will do it wrongly, depending on the version of the format program.

  MAJ 00:10 21 Mar 2008

No, it does it correctly, DieSee. Yes it formats to FAT32, but that's easily converted to NTFS later.

  MAJ 00:11 21 Mar 2008

Of course, if the user has the XP CD then that's the best way to go, obviously.

  DieSse 09:26 21 Mar 2008

An old memory is a terrible thing.

It's FDisk that has an old version that doesn't work correctly.

click here

Clearly they must have an XP CD - because they're loading XP for the first time - that's the point of the thread.

Forget floppies and DOS - do it from the XP CD was my message. (to support what T-b said).

  freaky 11:00 21 Mar 2008

Thanks for your replies.

I tried again this morning using the XP Home CD to do a setup as opposed to a repair. After about 5 minutes had a fatal error message "Failed to install the product catalogues" and another one saying "error trying to set system security".

I then reloaded the CD to do a repair instead, but but OPS did not show!

Looks as if I will have to format the HD, then reinstall XP from scratch. I can then load my system backups from the external HD. Problem is how to format the HD as it is NTFS and cannot load XP in safe mode to do so ?????

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