How to fix tab issue in forms

  tekman1 16:56 24 Apr 2018

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me with an annoying conundrum please. I use Adobe Acrobat XI pro to create interactive forms but have run into a tabbing issue. Once the form has got all the necessary fields in place I tend to check that the tabbing sequence is correct. A recent form ive been working on has a click here for a weblink at the top of each of the four pages. Once the tab sequence is set I test each page but when I get to tab from the last entry at the bottom of any page, it tabs directly to the web link rather than the first form field on the next page which is wrong. The weblink is not a form field thus cannot be edited in the tab section. A workaround for this was to delete the click here web link and retype the www. address then create a link to the www. This solves the problem but doesn't answer why a created weblink on a non web address causes it to be recognised as a tab. Secondly I was wondering if there was a way to create a profile within acrobat for any company to include the formatting styles for that particular company which would enable me to call up that profile each time I need to create an interactive form for them. This would be helpful because then I wouldnt have to manually select the correct font and size for each form field. Thanks in advance.

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