over40plus 21:27 06 Feb 2010

Decided to try and fit a wireless PCIA card into my Desktop PC after having many problems with a USB adapter.

Any help I would be most grateful


  ame 00:10 07 Feb 2010

Unplug everything - POWER and all other cables - from back of pc. Then push the Power (on/off) switch on the pc to discharge any electicity held in components inside. Assuming it's a desktop, side will open after moving catch at rear. Touch bare metal of computer case and ground yourself at same time by touching bare metal of radiator or water pipe to avoid static electricity damaging components inside. Remove a metal blanking strip opposite PCI slot you want to use - as far away from any graphics card as you can to avoid it overheating. Plug wireless PCI card into one of beige PCI slots - no wire connections involved. Refit everything and stick supplied CD into pc. Then the fun begins....

  ame 02:30 07 Feb 2010

Before you do this, are you sure the usb adapter itself is the root of the problem? Wireless networks are notorious for problems with the "settings."

  Strawballs 09:29 07 Feb 2010

When installing CD only install the drivers for card, not the software let windows manage that part

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