How to fit hard drive

  mik61ish 06:40 26 Sep 2004

I have an old PC which has got a 405mb hard disc which won't let me put anything else on the PC. So if I get another hard drive is it very difficult to fit, remembering that I don't have any disc's for the modem etc, is it worth it or do I look at an alternative PC, don't want to spend a lot as its a 2nd PC which will be mostly used for the internet.etc.

  picklsey 07:03 26 Sep 2004

as far as fitting a new hdd goes it is very easy (it must be even i can do it)have a look inside the pc it,s only a question of unscrewing 4 screws and removing the wires put the new one in the cable can only fit one for the second part i will leave that to the more knowledgable on this form i know there,s a way where you can transfer the data from one hdd to the other but i wouldn,t want to give you duff advise.

  Diemmess 07:09 26 Sep 2004

There are so many things which you will have to do on the way, that unless you want to make a hobby of this one PC, it is almost certainly not worth major alteration.

You havn't said which OS or what CPU and RAM you have. Extra RAM will be scarce to find, and expensive. The OS will have difficult drivers if it goes back to W95 or earlier.

You mention a modem which presumably is working. Can't you strip some software off to make a breathing space and then use the old PC for internet only, as you said?

  Derek 07:15 26 Sep 2004

Perhaps you should consider buying an up and running newer PC with a larger disc already installed. They come quite cheap from a number of sources look on eBay.
It sounds as though you'd have to install an upgrade controller too.
As Diam says, give more details of what you have.

  pj123 11:11 26 Sep 2004

If you have got the MS Dos 6.2 floppies you might be able to use Drvspace, which will effectively fool the computer into thinking the disk is twice the size.

You may also find that the BIOS won't accept a disk larger than 850mb which would be very difficult to find these days. I have a 1.2gb hard drive you can have it to try if you would like to pay the postage.

  spuds 13:24 26 Sep 2004

Fitting a new hard drive on a old computer is not very difficult, the problem is doing all the other stuff.

If you have never 'worked' on a computer, then these videos may give you an hinkling as to what maybe click here

  wolfie3000 04:37 27 Sep 2004

on reading this thread i would go for the buying a new pc option i just bought one for £205 from click here 3d graphics amd durom proccesor 1.33ghz 40gb hard drive mouse keyboard speakers internet ready 128mb ddr ram 6 usb 2.0 ports 52 speed cd-rom drive sound card its not a top notch pc but for the internet its perfect iv had no problems with it you dont get a monitor or an operating system but for 200 bucks it a bargain

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