How to fit & configure a slave hard drive?

  hotstuff1 16:36 02 Aug 2004

Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can explain how to do the above.both drives have XP on & I need to extract the info on the old hard drive. I don't have a clue about "jumpers" etc etc.

Thank, David

  johnsims 16:47 02 Aug 2004

The jumpers are the little black (usually black) plastic clips that sit over two of a number of pins at the rear of the drive - next to the power supply input.

Both drives should have a sticker on them that indicates the jumper positions. The jumpers short out connections that tells the drive what the configuration should be.

Set the jumpers of one drive to the master position, set the jumpers on the other drive to slave position. Connect master and slave to the one cable from IDE socket 1 and boot up. If it does not work, swap the disk positions on the cable (different mobos have different requirements as to HDD position)

Once you are in you should be able to copy the bits you need to the drive you are keeping,

  rawprawn 16:49 02 Aug 2004

Thats difficult to explain, but if you look at your hard drive it should show you the settings for the little pin at the top to be in either the master position or the slave position. If so follow the instructions. Quite often if you go to the Hard Drive manufactures web site such as Maxtor they will have a diagram showing you.If not the only way I know is trial and error.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:51 02 Aug 2004

Have a read of this and post back here any further questions

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 02 Aug 2004

sorry missed the link click here

  hotstuff1 19:32 02 Aug 2004

Hi guys, I forgot to mention that one drive is IDE while the other is a SATA. I looked at the jumper pins as described, Thanks. The HD isn't marked as described with master, slave etc. The pins are arranged in two rows of three.At the powerconnection end there is a plastic blank covering the top & bottom pin, North/South.Next to the ribbon is a blank covering the first two pins in the top row. I have also had a look in the host computer and there doesn't seem to be a way of hooking up the drive? Any idea's???
Thanks, hotstuff1

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